Financial Literacy

At CreditNinja, it’s our mission to help you achieve your financial goals. When you face unexpected expenses, we can help. But you’ll need more than just access to credit to lead a healthy financial life. You’ll also need the tools to build financial stability for a bright future.

That’s why our team of dedicated finance professionals have worked hard to bring you the materials on this page.

Which debts should you pay first? Where should you keep your savings? How is your credit score calculated? This section of our website is designed to help you understand the ever changing financial world. CreditNinja wants to be your resource for information covering these topics and many more. Check in regularly for updates.

Financial Health Survey

Want to find out how you can manage your money better, but not sure where to start? CreditNinja has you covered! Take the survey below to find out how financially healthy you are. After finishing the survey you’ll have a “FinHealth Score” that tells you how financially healthy you are compared to the national average as well as which areas you may need to improve upon to be more financially secure.

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