Financial Resources for Consumer Education

At CreditNinja we put a focus on consumer education because a more educated consumer can make the best financial decision for themselves.
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Financial Wellness

Do you know how to improve your financial situation? Do you know exactly how much you can afford for monthly payments? Check out our posts that explain topics such as budgeting, and get your financial situation moving in the right direction.

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Calculators  and Tools

For full transparency on what you’ll be paying each month, check out our easy-to-use calculators and other tools. Using these, you can figure out how much your recurring payment will change depending on the principal, APR, and payment schedule.

Statistics  Trends

Did you know that consumer debt continues to grow by hundreds of billions of dollars every year? Learn more about debt and credit scores across the US here.

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Our glossary of financial terms is full of simple descriptions for any relevant debt-related term.

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