Many people use personal loans to deal with unexpected expenses. In fact, 24% of Americans used personal loans to get by during the pandemic.¹

There are many types of personal loans out there, bad credit loans and good credit options, and it can be difficult to compare them when trying to find the right one for you. Things like interest rates, additional fees, repayment periods, and more should all be considered when searching for your loan.

Luckily, CreditNinja’s Personal Loan Calculator can help you make the right choice when it comes to taking out a loan.

Using Our Personal Loan Payments Calculator Is Easy

We’ve designed this easy-to-use loan calculator to help you calculate all of the loan fees associated with different personal loans.

Follow these simple steps to input all of your specific information:

  1. Slide the amount you wish to borrow into the “How much do you want to borrow?” field.
  2. Specify the desired length of the loan repayment term in the “For how long?” field.
  3. Select the Annual Percentage Rate from one of the five color-coded buttons.
  4. Review how toggling various terms and loan amounts alters your total loan amount.

Once your loan payments are calculated, it’s time to research your loan options by clicking the “Apply Now” button.

Personal Loan Payment Calculator

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The Borrower’s Cheat Sheet

CreditNinja cares about your financial situation. Making good financial choices means brushing up on your financial literacy. Here are some common terms to familiarize yourself with in order to make better money choices:

  • Loan Amount — A loan amount is the sum you will receive after the loan agreement is made. Lenders transfer that sum safely to your checking account before any of your loan payments are made.
  • Loan Term — Think of loan terms as the duration of the loan payment process. Make sure you know when your payments are due and the total length of the repayment period.
  • Interest Rate — The interest rate is essentially the amount of money you pay for the service of borrowing the principal loan amount.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) — The APR is one of the most important factors to consider when comparing different loans. The APR not only includes the interest rate but any other fees associated with the loan.
  • Payment Frequency — Knowing your payment frequency and sticking to it is very important. Late payments or defaulting on the loan can make it even more difficult to pay off in the long run.

A Note From CreditNinja on Using a Personal Loan Calculator 

At CreditNinja, we think that you should have the tools necessary to increase your financial literacy. Our online blog offers information on various personal finance topics, such as the difference between a background check vs credit check

If you have any other questions or concerns about personal loans, repayment, or interest rates, reach out to our customer care team or use one of our financial calculators


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