Personal Loan Payments Calculator


Taking out a loan offers you an opportunity to get hold of a generous sum of money upfront, and then to gradually repay the money back to the lender. Since different types of loans carry different degrees of risk and varying rates of interest, using a loan calculator will help you calculate examples of monthly repayments figures that you might have to make, and ensure you are about to make a good decision.


Our loan calculator will serve you as a guide to possible loan repayment figures, and ensure you are better informed when weighing up the risk and reward of taking out different types of loans. Our easy-to-use loan calculator will give you insight into the best ways to deal with the expenses you’re planning.


How to Use Our Personal Loan Payments Calculator

We’ve designed our easy-to-use loan calculator to help you achieve your dream of financial freedom with minimal effort involved.


Following our step-by-step guide on how to use the loan calculator, you will be able to quickly determine the loan terms, the interest and annual percentage rates, or the frequency of your payments. Its simple:

Slide the bar to the amount you wish to borrow into the loan amount
Review repayment amounts based on loan amount
Now that you have your payment plan calculated and laid right out on your screen, it’s time to explore the loan possibilities staring at you through our ninja masks and give us a call to see how we may be of help towards your dreams realized.


Loan Repayment Calculator

$250 $2,500
Your repayments are every month at APR for 12 months
Total you will Pay:
*Paid off over a 12 month term & Penalty free repayment to lower repayment amount


The Borrower’s Cheat Sheet

From bid to finish line – the process of getting a loan is truly a journey. While how you shape that journey is completely up to you, we want to help you make as an informed decision as possible about choosing the right path to your economic relief and purchasing goals.


To understand how a loan works means getting to know the elements of a loan deal.


We are here to inform you about everything you need to know in order to steer safely through the waters of your personal finances. To make that voyage as comfortable as possible, you should be familiar with the following terms:

  • Loan Amount
    • A loan amount is the sum you will receive after the loan agreement is made. We will transfer that sum safely to your checking account before any of your loan payments are made.
    • The process of taking out a loan is designed with your needs in mind. Once your application is approved, we will make the deposition one business day after the deal is completed.
  • Loan Term
    • Think of loan terms as the duration of the loan payment process.
    • Take the time to examine how long or short would you like your payment plan to last.
    • Seeing as how that decision is completely up to you, what you need to know about loan terms is that they directly affect your total sum of payments.
    • On the one hand, a longer loan term includes higher accumulation of interest, but it will allow you to make your payments at a slower, more relaxing rate.
    • On the other, shorter loan terms mean that your payments will be more frequent, but the amount of interest will remain lower.
  • Interest Rate
    • Interest rate is essentially the amount of money you pay for the service of borrowing the principal loan amount.
    • We will assess your loan plans and determine the portion of the principal loan amount that will serve as your interest rate payments.
    • Practicing the philosophy of ‘givers gain’, we want you to successfully navigate the process of taking out a loan – our interest rates are designed with the goal of meeting your needs.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    • Knowing the Annual Percentage Rate of your loan comes in handy just as much as knowing your interest rates does.
    • Having a clear idea about what your yearly cost of maintaining your loan would be will allow you to properly plan and prepare for repaying your loan effectively.
    • Furthermore, since all the fees or further costs are included in the expression of APR, the process of having your finances properly distributed gets even more simplified.
  • Payment Frequency
    • We offer your great flexibility in terms of payment frequency. Weekly, monthly, quarterly or otherwise – the decision about the schedule of loan payments is all yours. You get to choose at which pace will you undertake this sail, and we are more than willing to keep up.
    • Make a schedule for your loan repayment plan and you will arrive at the term of payment frequency. Your payments are based on loan type and loan amounts.


While having your payments set up more often allows you to pay off your loan faster and reasonably reduce the sum of your total interest, opting for a sparser payment schedule will make the payments more affordable and manageable. While there’s a few options and the added benefit of flexibility when it comes to payment frequency – your choice of how often you make payments should always be based on your priorities. Please visit our Debt Repayment Calculator, Credit Score Simulator, and Amortization Calculator for more information or to do calculations involving each of them.