$50 cash advance: how to get it

$50 cash advance

Getting a cash advance for $50 starts with finding a lender and filling out an application. For cash advances, a credit check is usually not involved. From here, you’ll find out about eligibility. Financial emergencies are stressful to deal with. Especially when you do not have extra money for unexpected bills and expenses. Continue reading to learn about your cash advance options and how to qualify.    

Loan Options When You Need a Cash for $50

Do you need less than or equal to 100 dollars right now in your checking account? The good news is that plenty of cash advance loan options are available! And since you only need a small loan amount, it may be easier to get approval despite a bad credit history.

A cash advance is any short-term loan that provides money quickly to eligible borrowers. Each option works differently, and the best choice for you depends on your repayment preferences. 

Payday Loans

Twelve million Americans use payday loans per year.1 A payday loan can help eligible borrowers get small loan amounts to cover bills between pay periods. Payday lenders do not typically run credit checks because they do not report to the major credit bureaus. A credit check pulls your credit history (a hard credit check, not a soft credit check). Payday loans are generally easy to get because a reliable source of income is more important than a good credit rating. 

But while payday loans offer fast, convenient cash, they carry risk. Many financial experts advise consumers against getting payday loans and using payday loan apps due to short repayment terms and high interest rates. Although payday loans and installment loans both offer fast cash, payday loans must be repaid in one lump sum within two weeks! These strict repayment terms often result in financial issues for the borrower.

Employer Advances

An employer advance is when you borrow money against a future paycheck. Employer advances are also called salary advances or payroll advances. Many companies do not offer cash advances, so ask your employer if borrowing money is an option. 

If your employer does allow employees to borrow from their future wages, ask about maximum loan amounts. Most employers have a cap on how much money you can borrow from your next pay period. The maximum loan amount can vary but know that most employers will not provide the total paycheck amount. 

While employer advances seem convenient, they can make interactions with coworkers awkward. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the idea of your boss knowing you have financial issues. And if your employer does not allow salary advances, determine what you will do to get the money you need. 

Personal Loans

Loans with monthly installments, such as personal loan options, allow borrowers to pay back the money they borrow over time. Although many people use personal loans to get a substantial amount of money, you can also apply for a small loan! Borrowers can decide how much they need and how long they want to pay off the borrowed amount.

Personal lenders typically have flexible qualification requirements. Although a credit check is required for approval, you may still get instant money with bad credit if you have a checking account and a reliable source of income. Personal loans can be more affordable than other advance options, but ensure you ask about hidden fees and interest rates before applying. 

Credit Card Cash Advances

Credit card cash advances are when a cardholder borrows against their credit limit. You can withdraw cash with your credit card at an ATM, bank, or credit union. Certain credit card companies provide convenience checks, so you can write a check to yourself and cash it out. Best of all, you can pay the money back when you want! The repayment process is flexible. All you have to do is pay at least the minimum amount.

You can get $50 instantly if you don’t have a lot of credit card debt. However, you should know that credit card cash advances can be pricey. Suppose you need cash and decide to visit an ATM. You may end up losing money due to a high APR, cash advance fee, and ATM fee. These costs can add up to a significant amount! 

What Are Instant Loan Apps? 

If you are looking for instant loan options, you may stumble across the term ‘instant loan app.’ But are apps that give you money instantly real or fake? The good news is that $50 loan instant apps are legitimate! 

Many online lenders have a mobile app that allows borrowers to apply for loans. All you have to do is download the loan app and fill out the initial inquiry form. If you get preapproval, you will have to provide some documentation. But one of the benefits of an instant loan app is that you can upload your paperwork online by taking photos! Using photos allows you to speed up the approval process to get cash instantly. 

These are the general documents most lenders require for loan approval:

Government-Issued Photo IDAny valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or state ID, to prove your identity for borrowing money.
Proof of IncomeOfficial documents like paycheck stubs, bank statements, Social Security benefit statements, a worker’s compensation letter, tax returns, etc., to demonstrate your income.
Proof of ResidenceCopy of your lease, a recent utility bill, or any other official documentation with your name and address to verify your place of residence.

You can get your money once the information you provide through instant money apps gets verified! These apps usually require a bank account because lenders provide cash through an electronic transfer. To get your money instantly, you must provide your bank name, routing number, and account number.   

If you are looking for a $50 loan instant app, take the time to compare lenders. Every loan app differs, but the best instant loan apps have minimal fees and decent interest rates. But keep in mind that some instant loan apps have automatic repayment. Automatic repayment is when the loan money is withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. Ensure you have enough money in your checking account to cover the loan amount, or you may risk paying overdraft fees.     

How To Get Money in Your Bank Account With Apps

While there are instant loan apps, alternative apps can also help you get money in your checking account! If you need $50, there are two different types of cash apps you should know about investment apps and side hustle apps. If you do not need money immediately, consider investing or working in your spare time.

Investment Apps

An investment app helps you earn wealth using the money you have already made. You obtain money over time by buying and selling investments or saving your spare change. Investment apps are great for people who want to receive passive income. Mobile trading apps are risky and require some financial knowledge. But micro-investing apps are low-risk and help consumers invest small sums of money. 

These are some standard investment app options:

  • Fidelity Investments – A cash app for online trading. This investment app is excellent for managing and growing your financial portfolio. You can invest as little as one dollar! 
  • Charles Schwab – An investment app that is great for beginners. A minimum balance is not required, and there are no fees. 
  • Robinhood – This cash app allows consumers to trade through stocks, EFTs, IPOs, and specific cryptocurrencies. There is no minimum required to open an account, but the minimum deposit amount can vary per investment vehicle. 
  • Acorns – Helps consumers invest by rounding up every purchase to the nearest dollar. Spare change is automatically invested. You can choose your preferred level of financial risk.
  • Betterment – Great for digital investment and cash management. Consumers can start investing with only $10. There are no trade or transfer fees, but there is a 0.25% annual account fee. 

Side Hustle Apps 

A side hustle app is beneficial when you want to increase your income and you have time to spare. There are different types of side jobs you can do, so you are free to pick and choose what you want to do. Best of all, some of these cash apps allow you to start earning money the same day you apply!  

  • Rover – Rover is an app that allows you to work as a dog walker or pet sitter. If you love animals, there is no better way to earn fast cash! You can choose your schedule and the type of pets you care for. 
  • DoorDash – DoorDash is one of the leading food delivery apps. If you like driving, you can make money by picking up online orders and delivering them. The best perk is that you can earn tips in addition to your base payment amount. 
  • Swagbucks – Did you know you can make extra money by playing games and filling out surveys? Swagbucks is a legitimate app that lets you earn money easily. You can cash out your money through PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards. 
  • Branded Surveys – You can keep more money in your bank account by taking surveys on the Branded Surveys app. Once you are ready to cash out, you can choose from a large selection of gift cards. 


How does a cash advance app work for a quick $50?

Loan apps or cash advance apps are designed to provide a quick and convenient way to borrow money. You simply download the app and complete a brief application, and if approved, you can receive your advance directly into your bank account. These loan apps often offer a streamlined process for those needing instant money.

Will using a $50 loan instant app affect my credit history?

Most $50 loan instant apps perform a soft credit check, which doesn’t impact your credit history. However, it’s always good to read the terms and conditions of the app to understand their policy on credit checks and reporting.

Are there any hidden fees associated with cash advance apps or loan apps?

While many cash advance apps promote no hidden fees, it’s crucial to review the terms and conditions thoroughly. Some apps might charge fees for expedited direct deposit funds or have other service charges. Always read the fine print before proceeding.

Can I use a loan instant app if I have a poor credit history?

Many loan instant apps focus more on your current financial situation rather than your credit history. Factors like your regular income and the stability of your checking account can be more important for approval.

How quickly can I get funds from a 50 loan instant app?

Most 50 loan instant apps are designed for speed, offering direct deposit of funds often within the same day of approval. However, the exact timing can vary based on the app’s processing time and your bank’s policies.

What should I consider to avoid overdraft fees when using instant money apps?

To avoid overdraft fees, ensure that the repayment amount for your advance won’t exceed your account balance on the due date. It’s important to keep track of your checking account balance and upcoming automatic repayments.

Is direct deposit a mandatory requirement for using instant loan apps?

Yes, most instant loan apps require you to have a bank account capable of receiving direct deposits. This is because the loan amount is usually deposited directly into your bank account, and repayments are also typically withdrawn from the same account.

How does a credit check work with a loan?

As mentioned above, with these small loan amounts, there is usually no credit check involved. However, if there is a credit check, here is what you can expect. A hard credit check will pull your credit report and can bring down your score by a few points temporarily. In contrast, a soft credit check does not impact your score.

The Bottom Line With CreditNinja

CreditNinja wants you to know that there are a lot of loan options available when you need instant money! And if you want to avoid traveling to an ATM or store location, you can use $50 instant loan apps! A cash advance app allows eligible borrowers to get money quickly. 

However, cash advances can be pricey due to convenience and speed. Even if you obtain an interest-free cash advance, the interest rate and fees after the promotional period can be astronomical. Still, alternative loan options are just as good, such as personal loans. Consider all your loan options and whether you can repay the money you borrow within a short repayment period. 


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