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Nooreen B

Nooreen has worked as a marketing writer and editor for various Fintech companies for the last five years before joining CreditNinja. She has focused on several aspects of personal finance, including credit scores, banking, savings, news topics, and financial literacy. As a financial writer, she loves the challenging creative process it takes to break down complex ideas into digestible and enjoyable stories. She has completed more than 24 certification programs from The American Bankers Association (ABA), which makes her a member of the American Bankers Association® Frontline Compliance program. Along with her background in FinTech, Nooreen is certified in email marketing has a certificate UX writing and design. Nooreen graduated with her BA in English Language and Literature. Outside of work, she is a multi-disciplinary artist, loves learning about new trends between technology and finance, and enjoys spending time with her cats. Area of Concentration: Breaking news, Writing, Editing, Financial education, Banking, and Cat Facts.