Best paying part time jobs 9 jobs that pay well

By Matt Mayerle
Modified on May 12, 2023
best paying part-time jobs

If you are struggling while living on one income, having a second part-time job could be a great way to get ahead on your finances or catch up and consolidate debt. A full-time job is essential for most people looking to independently manage their finances. Part-time jobs that pay minimum wage and above might be an option for you to consider if you’re looking for extra money. 

Many companies offer part-time jobs for people of varying educational backgrounds. Whether you have a master’s degree or a high school diploma, good part-time jobs are available for all skill levels. 

Check out these 9 awesome part-time job opportunities and see which one is best for you! 

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well 

Looking for a bit of extra cash? Even if you have a full-time job, it’s still easy to fall behind on bills, payments, and other financial obligations. Thankfully, when you need money now, there are plenty of options available to you. 

Here are some quick options for people in need of extra funds: 

  • Credit card cash advances 
  • Personal installment loans online
  • Dipping into your savings 
  • Getting a part-time job

No matter if you’re still working on your high school diploma or working on your master’s degree, having a part-time job with a decent median hourly wage can be a great help to both your career and your bank account. 

Customer Service Representatives

A customer service representative is perhaps one of the most versatile part-time jobs you can find. Virtually all companies selling products need customer service representatives no matter what the subject matter. Job duties for a part-time customer service rep include answering phone calls from customers with questions or concerns regarding their purchases, dealing with in-person customer returns, and other tasks related to customer service.

Making about $13.48 per hour, the average salary for a customer service rep is approximately $14,019.20 per year when working about 20 hours a week. 

Bank Teller

Another accessible part-time employment position is a bank teller. Responsible for helping customers with bank deposits and other financial services provided by the bank, bank tellers typically make a decent amount with an hourly rate of about $12.82 per hour. That comes out to an average salary of $13,332.80 a year if you work at least 20 hours a week. 

Furthermore, nothing more than a high school diploma is generally required to be a bank teller. So, if you’re looking for a flexible part-time job, a bank teller is definitely something to consider. 

Warehouse Technician

Warehouses all over the U.S. are always looking for part-time workers. With job responsibilities ranging from forklift driving to product sorting, a typical warehouse technician makes about $15.42 per hour. That would result in an average salary of $16,036.80 for the year when working approximately 20 hours a week. 

Fitness Instructor

Another great part-time position if you’re looking to make minimum wage is a fitness instructor. Perfect for a college student or even a high schooler, being a fitness teacher or instructor can be a fantastic way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, you earn a bit of extra cash. 

Job duties for an instructor of fitness can be quite physically demanding since you are essentially working out multiple times a day. So, be prepared for a high activity level if you go with this part-time position. 

Massage Therapist

If you do not have a degree but don’t mind a job that may require formal training, you may want to look into being a massage therapist. Massage therapists work with clients and massage certain body parts depending on their muscle problems or issues. The average pay for massage therapists also rang depending on experience, so the longer you do the work and keep the job, the more money you will earn!

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are another kind of job you can work part-time no matter your skill level. All you really need is a driver’s license and a vehicle! Job duties for delivery drivers include delivering things like food, mail, flowers, and other items people may want conveniently delivered to their homes. While a delivery driver position doesn’t usually require a high school diploma, you will have to have a valid driver’s license, as well as a clean driving record. 

Self Employed Freelance Work

Being a freelance worker is another position you can do from home, on your own time. Companies looking to hire freelance work are usually looking for graphic designers or temporary freelance writers, giving you the freedom to create your own schedule, your own hours, and even your own office setting. 

However, payment for freelance work does not usually include taxes. So if you choose to work freelance, be wary when tax season comes that you may have to pay a bit more money to the government. 

Virtual Assistant

Suppose you’re looking for part-time positions where you don’t have to go to a physical location. In that case, you may consider being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants have job duties that include taking phone calls, setting up meetings or appointments, organizing spreadsheets or data, and any other services that can be taken care of virtually. 

Being an assistant virtually is another job where the average pay per hour can vary depending on experience, availability, and other qualifying factors determined by whoever is hiring. Since a virtual assistant position is so flexible when it comes to earnings, if you work hard, you may just find yourself with money left over after all monthly expenses are paid!  

Physical Therapist Assistant or Dental Hygienist 

Physical therapists and dentists often need assistance in their daily activities and interactions with their client base. Keep in mind a part-time position like an assistant for an occupational therapist or dentist usually requires an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. But, it’s a great stepping stone if you are looking for a career in the medical industry. 

How To Get a Part-Time Job  

Now that you know the different available positions, it’s time to get started on acquiring that great job! 

To get a job quickly, the first thing you want to do is set up job alerts. Depending on the type of part-time position you’re looking for, you can set up job alerts for opportunities that might interest you in your area. That way, you don’t have to spend your own time searching through lists of employment ads. Make your job search easier and have opportunities automatically sent to you! 

Once you are sent an alert, take a look at the job description, job duties, average salary, and any other factors that concern you. If the job sounds like something you would like to pursue, send your resume, cover letter, and any additional information requested by the hiring manager. 

If interested, your potential employer will set up a few job interviews. They may want to speak with you on the phone first and then again for an in-person interview. Many employers require a background check, so you may want to bring ID information and other documents to help with this process. 

Assuming your interview goes well, you should expect a job offer call from the hiring manager within a few days or a week. From there, you can accept the offer, start working, and earn yourself some extra cash!

Indeed—Part-time Jobs That Pay Well

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