How much does uber eats pay per delivery

By Sarah R
Modified on May 4, 2023
how much does uber eats pay per delivery

When it comes to food delivery apps, Uber Eats is one of the most popular. Millions of people use Uber Eats every day as customers to conveniently order food and as Uber Eats driver employees to earn a living. 

But what makes Uber Eats such a popular choice for independent contractors in the food delivery industry? The freedom to work on your own terms, earn extra cash delivering food, and even receive payments instantly would make working for Uber Eats an appealing option for most delivery partners. 

Wondering how much do Uber Eats drivers make? How much money Uber Eats drivers receive for delivering food depends on several factors. How many deliveries, how far away restaurants are from the drop-off location, and more go towards the earnings of an Uber Eats driver. 

If you are researching food delivery services to work for, you definitely want to learn about Uber Eats drivers. Here is the information all Uber Eats couriers need to know. 

How Uber Eats Drivers Make Money: A Breakdown the Uber Eats Pay Scale 

According to the Uber Eats pay model, Uber Eats drivers are paid from a combination of a base fare, trip supplement, promotions, and tips. That being said, Uber Eats drivers may not earn the same amount from each delivery request. Some food deliveries may bring in more money based on how far away the restaurant is from a customer’s house, if the driver is picking up multiple orders from the same restaurant, and more. 

Here is a breakdown of the Uber Eats pay model so delivery drivers can better understand how much they may earn from Uber Eats delivery requests. 

Base Fare for Uber Eats Delivery Drivers

A few different elements go into your base fare as an Uber Eats delivery driver. A pickup, drop-off, and distance fee contribute to the Uber Eats base pay.

A pickup fee is a payment for going to the restaurant to retrieve a food order. Suppose Uber Eats drivers go to multiple restaurants to get food on their way to a drop-off location. In that case, they will receive a multiplier added to the original pickup fee. 

A drop-off fee is a flat rate drivers earn for dropping off food at the delivery location. There is an individual drop-off fee for every delivery Uber Eats drivers complete. So, say you are dropping off multiple orders to the same place. In that case, you would still receive a delivery fee for each individual order you dropped off! 

Lastly, a distance fee is calculated on a per-mile rate from the restaurant to the drop-off location. This mileage fee is based on the most fuel-efficient route from the restaurant to the customer, making it the best choice for Uber Eats food delivery drivers to take the most direct route. 

Trip Supplement for Delivering Food 

Another contribution to the total earnings of Uber Eats drivers are trip supplements. A trip supplement is extra money added to delivery fees to make longer trips worth their while for all Uber Eats drivers. For example, if a delivery route requires the driver to pay tolls, they will receive reimbursement via the Uber Eats app. 

Uber Delivery Promotions 

The Uber Eats app may also show a boost multiplier or surge pricing for certain local restaurants or areas where orders are in high demand. For example, Uber drivers delivering food in New York may be able to find a higher base fare or drop-off fee in a busy area like New York City instead of smaller, more rural areas in the state. 

Customers Tip for Delivery Service 

Another way Uber Eats drivers earn additional income is from tips. 100% of Uber Eats customer tips go directly to the delivery driver, so there is no need to worry about splitting up the payment. Things that could earn you a sizable tip from Uber Eats customers may be anything from exceptionally friendly service to significantly cutting down the estimated delivery time. 

How To Get Paid as an Uber Eats Driver

While Uber Eats does not offer cash advance options, there are several ways drivers may choose to get paid. Depending on your financial needs, you can choose to receive your Uber Eats driver payments instantly, every two days, or weekly. 

With the instant option, you would receive payment right after delivering a food order. If you’ve been strapped for cash and need that extra money in your bank account immediately, you can take advantage of this payment option. 

Suppose an Uber Eats driver doesn’t need the money right away, but they also don’t want to wait a week to get paid. In that case, Uber Eats drivers can opt to receive your payments via the Uber Eats app every two days. 

Lastly, Uber Eats drivers may opt for a more traditional payment method and receive payment for their work at the end of every week. If you are an Uber Eats driver as a side hustle, this may be the best-suited payment option for you. Being paid at the end of every week allows you to organize your Uber Eats driver earnings along with the paychecks from your other full-time job. 

When organizing your finances from your Uber Eats driver earnings, keep in mind that you must pay taxes. When you submit your income information as an Uber Eats independent contractor, a portion of your earned money will go towards state or federal taxes. It may be best practice to set aside some of your earnings immediately to know you have this tax requirement covered. 

Supplemental Income for Uber Eats Food Delivery Drivers 

The great thing about working as an Uber Eats delivery driver is the perks that these independent contractors can enjoy. To start, working as a delivery driver can act as a very reasonable full-time job or as a profitable side hustle when you need extra income ideas to supplement your income. 

If you feel tired of working long hours for minimum wage, you may want to consider working as an Uber Eats delivery driver. Not only can you create your own schedule, but you can also decide exactly how much you make. When it comes to part-time jobs that pay well, Uber Eats puts you in control. If you want to make more money, simply accept more deliveries in a high demand area where base fares and drop-off fees are higher. 

To further maximize your Uber Eats earnings, you can refer a friend and receive a commission! 

Start Driving for Uber Eats as an Uber Delivery Driver

Are you ready to become an independent contractor as an Uber Eats delivery driver? Potential Uber eats delivery drivers can sign up on the Uber website or the Uber Eats app. The most convenient option is most likely via the Uber app, so you can apply and manage your account all from the same place. 

Requirements for Uber delivery drivers include up-to-date vehicle registration, a valid driver’s license, and a clear background check. 

You can start by filling out the quick application form in the Uber driver app. From there, the Uber Eats app will prompt you to submit a few documents like your car registration, driver’s license, etc. Once your background check comes back to the Uber Eats deliveries team, they will inform you of your hiring status. 

After you are hired, you can begin to deliver food right away, and you can even start earning money that same day!Are you looking for other tips on how to get a job quickly? Check out the CreditNinja blog for resources on job hunting and other personal financial topics!


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