what can i pawn for $200

Financial emergencies can occur to anyone at any time. Your car may get a flat tire, or your tooth may need a filling. You could obtain quick cash to pay unexpected bills if you visit a pawn shop. But what can you pawn to get $200? 

How To Get Quick Cash at a Pawn Shop

A pawn shop is a retail store that doubles as a lending office. If you are looking for a way to get more money quickly, you can pawn or sell items with a good resale value. But be careful, because failing to repay your pawn loan on time means you will lose your valuable item.

The amount of money you get at a local pawn shop depends entirely on the market value of the item you provide. According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, the average loan amount for pawn shop loans is $150.

If you decide to pawn an item at a pawn shop for quick cash, the pawnbroker will research the current market value of your item and make an offer. If you accept a pawn shop loan offer, the pawnbroker will ask you to sign an agreement that details the expected repayment date. Borrowers typically receive 30 to 60 days to pay back the pawn loan. If you fail to repay the loan by the agreed date, the pawnbroker can seize your item and resell it in the pawn shop. 

How Do Online Pawn Shops Work?

If you do not want to visit a physical store location, you can work with online pawn shops. An online pawn shop can provide a free appraisal through an online form. All you have to do is submit photos and a detailed description of the item. A pawn expert will review your item and contact you with a money offer. 

You will receive your money online once the pawn shop receives your item through the mail. Most pawn shops will cover the cost of shipping, but depending on the shop you work with, you may have to pay for shipping out of pocket. If you require a same day loan, an online pawn shop loan may not be convenient as the approval process takes longer. 

How To Avoid Getting Ripped off at a Pawn Shop

You may have heard that some pawn shops rip people off. Is this true? There is always a possibility that you will encounter a pawnbroker that will lowball the item you want to pawn. The best thing you can do to avoid getting ripped off is to do thorough research on the value of your item. 

If you know that your high-end laptop is worth a lot of money, you should not accept a low loan offer. However, keep in mind that you will not receive the actual market value of your item. If you have a high-end watch valued at $400, the loan offer you receive will be less than that amount. Why? The pawn shop lender has to account for the risk of default. If you need $200 today, you will need to pawn an item worth more than that amount. 

What Can I Pawn at Pawn Shops?

You can find just about anything at a pawn shop. Pawn shops pay for items of value. If your personal property is valuable, most pawn shops will be willing to buy or pawn it. The best things to pawn or sell if you need money include fine jewelry, gaming consoles, computers, designer goods, etc. 

Here is a short list of the best things to pawn at a pawn shop:

Sports Equipment 

If you have sports equipment gathering dust in your garage, you can pawn those items for money at a pawn shop. High-end sports equipment, such as golf clubs in excellent condition, could help you get more money than low-end equipment. 

Many pawn shops consider fitness equipment to be a subset of sports equipment. If you have unused gym equipment, pawn those items to get extra cash in your bank account. You can potentially pawn free weights, treadmills, ab toners, exercise bicycles, etc. 

Musical Instruments

Do you have musical instruments neatly stored away? You can pawn that flute or acoustic guitar for a reasonable price at a pawn shop. You may be able to get extra money for an instrument if you have the proper case and additional accessories. For example, if you provide music books, string cleaner, rosin, and a cleaning cloth with your violin. 


You can get money fast at a pawn shop by providing electronics in great shape, such as video game consoles, TVs, electronic and photography equipment, and more. Have a large flat-screen TV you don’t use? You could get a few hundred dollars in financial assistance. Gaming systems are always valuable on the market, but newer consoles will help you obtain more money. 

Jewelry and Accessories

A pawnbroker typically lends money to people that provide precious metals or jewelry made from precious metals. You can get quick money by pawning your gold, platinum, or silver jewelry. If you have gold coins, you may be able to get a few hundred dollars from a pawn shop!

The more weight your jewelry has, the more value it has. For example, slightly heavy gold jewelry is worth significantly more than dainty jewelry. To ensure you get as much money as possible, get your jewelry appraised before visiting a pawn shop. 

Pawning high-end watches could help you get quick cash for bills and other financial emergencies. Apple smart watches are a popular item, and many pawnbrokers will accept them as collateral for pawn loans. 

Power Tools

You could get pawn loans if you can withstand a short period without your power tools. One of the most common pawned items is power tools. You can provide nail guns, drills, grinders, and even lawn care items such as a functional riding lawn mower. 

Designer Goods

Most pawn shops pay a lot of money for designer handbags, sunglasses, and accessories. If you are stuck with a costly car repair bill, you can try pawning your Kate Spade satchel or Coach crossbody purse. Before visiting a pawn shop, you can search for your items online to get a price estimate for a loan. 


You may be surprised to learn that one of the most commonly pawned items at a pawn shop is a vehicle! Have you recently wondered, “Should I sell or keep my car?” If you need money, you could drive your car to a local pawn shop and get a substantial loan in no time. 

Pawn shops determine the value of a vehicle by using details such as the make, model, year, etc. The downside to pawning a car is that you cannot drive for the duration of the loan. The pawnbroker will keep the vehicle in a secure parking lot until you repay the loan in full. 

Is There a Better Option Than a Pawn Shop Loan?

A pawn shop loan is convenient because you can pawn or sell items to get cash quickly. However, financial experts advise people against applying for pawn shop loans due to predatory lending practices. 

The short repayment terms and interest rates make it difficult for people to recoup their assets before the due date. The interest rates can reach as high as 400%! Pawn shop loans do not require a good credit score, so they remain a popular loan option. But there may be a better financial option available for you. 

A personal loan is an unsecured loan option that provides a lump sum payment that borrowers repay in monthly installments. Personal loans for bad credit online provide a sizable loan amount. You do not need to secure the loan with an asset, so the risk is lower for borrowers. 

It’s always a good idea to thoroughly research the financial options available to you before working with a lender. You may need money fast, but you should still carefully review interest rates and repayment terms before signing a contract. 

What Is a Pawnshop Loan?

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