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Modified on March 18, 2024

According to the FICO credit scoring system, an 850 score is perfect.

850 is the highest score a borrower can obtain.

Very few people have perfect credit scores. Such a high score can help you qualify for the best financial offers and credit card rewards. A perfect score can also protect you from minor credit score changes.

Key Takeaways for an 850 Credit Score

Overview of Your
Credit Rating

An 850 credit score is perfect. Perfect credit indicates you are a minimal credit risk.

Borrowing Options With an
850 Credit Score

Borrowers with a perfect credit score have just about every loan option available to them.

Maintaining an 850
Credit/FICO Score

You can maintain it by reducing your credit usage and avoiding late payments.

Is an 850 Credit Score Good?

An 850 score is the highest credit score that a borrower can get. As of April 2023, only 1.7% of the U.S. population had a perfect 850 FICO Score.

What Can You Get Approved for With an 850 Credit Score?

These are a few loans you can get approved for:

Personal Loans

If you have an excellent credit score and credit history, you can easily qualify for an unsecured personal loan with decent rates. Personal loans generally range from hundreds to several thousand dollars. 

Bank Loans

Borrowers with perfect FICO Scores can usually meet the strict requirements for bank loans. Bank loans can provide large lump sums, although rates may not be as competitive as online lenders. 

Credit Cards

If you have a perfect credit score, you could be eligible for the best rewards credit cards, such as:

  • Delta SkyMiles® Blue American Express Card
  • The Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  • Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card
  •  United℠ Explorer Card

Auto Loans

Borrowers with perfect FICO scores can look forward to getting higher loan amounts and the best rates on auto loans. But keep in mind that used vehicles typically have higher rates than new vehicles. 

Products To Help Maintain an 850 Credit Score

These are a few products that can help you maintain your exceptional credit:

Credit Monitoring 

Using a credit monitoring service, such as MyFICO, can help you track any changes to your perfect credit score. If you notice any significant credit score decreases, you should check your credit reports for fraudulent activity or inaccuracies.

Budgeting Apps

Budgeting apps have a lot of useful features, such as bill reminders, expense tracking, budget creation, and more. If you are looking for a free budgeting mobile app, try downloading Goodbudget or Every Dollar.

Automatic Payments

Sign up for automatic payments to avoid a late payment that can decrease your perfect credit score and result in a late charge. According to WCNC, more than 75% of people are using autopay for at least one bill.² You can schedule minimum payments or specific amounts.   

Benefits of an 850 Credit Score

These are some benefits you can expect with an 850 score:

Insurance Discounts 

A perfect credit history can help you score incredible insurance discounts. When you inquire about car or home insurance, the insurance company will check your credit score to determine your level of risk. Borrowers with perfect FICO credit scores have a history of responsible credit management, which can help them acquire the best insurance rates. 

Small Credit Dings Are Okay

When your credit score is so high, small dips will not impact you as much as someone who has a lower score. Suppose you want to apply for a new credit card. Submitting a credit application can decrease your score by as much as 10 points. An 840 FICO Score is still perfect, and won’t negatively affect your financial opportunities. 

Better Rates

Having the highest credit score possible greatly increases your chances of getting approval for the best interest rates. Rates are based on your credit score and the information in your credit report. If you have a perfect FICO Score, you can get the lowest rates and save a lot of money!

How To Maintain Your 850 Credit Score

Here are more tips to help you maintain your credit:

Reduce Your Debt

One of the best ways to maintain a perfect FICO Score is to reduce your outstanding credit card debt. Using more than 30% of your total credit limits can negatively impact your credit utilization rate. A credit utilization rate is the percentage of available credit you’re using. 

If you want to avoid decreasing your exceptional credit score, consider using one of these debt repayment strategies to keep your credit utilization low:



Debt Snowball

Pay off debts from smallest to largest, regardless of interest rate. Once the smallest debt is paid off, move to the next smallest.

Debt Avalanche

Pay off debts in order of highest to lowest interest rate. This method focuses on reducing the amount of interest paid over time.

Snowflake Method

Apply any extra or unexpected money (like bonuses or tax refunds) directly to debt on top of regular payments.

Avoid Late Payments

Maintaining an excellent payment history is the easiest way to protect your perfect credit score. To help you avoid late monthly payments on installment loans or credit cards, consider signing up for alert reminders or using automatic payments.  

Limit Your Credit Inquiries 

Applying for too many credit accounts can rapidly decrease credit scores. If you want to keep your excellent credit history intact, avoid applying for too many quick cash loans or credit cards. According to Experian, you should avoid making more than six credit inquiries within a two-year period. 

FAQs About 850 Credit Scores

It’s a good idea to check your credit reports from each of the three major credit reporting agencies at least once a year. This helps ensure accuracy and allows you to identify any discrepancies or fraudulent activities early on. Remember, maintaining the highest credit score requires vigilance and understanding of your credit health.

Yes, your FICO score can experience minor fluctuations due to the credit bureaus updating credit report information, small changes in your credit utilization, or updates to the scoring models themselves. Even with good credit habits, it’s normal to see your score vary slightly over time.

Yes, reaching your credit limit on any card can affect your score because it increases your overall credit utilization ratio, a key factor in credit scoring. Even if you pay off the balance in full, the high utilization can be reported to the credit bureaus and may temporarily lower your score. Keeping your balances low relative to your credit limits is crucial for maintaining a good credit score.

The time it takes to reach an 850 FICO score varies greatly depending on your starting point, financial habits, and credit history length. It requires consistent financial behavior, such as paying bills on time, keeping credit utilization low, and managing a mix of credit accounts over many years. There’s no quick fix, but with dedication, reaching the highest credit score is achievable.

While an 850 credit score is excellent, it’s not necessary to have the absolute highest score to qualify for the best interest rates and credit terms. Generally, scores above 760 are considered in the same top tier by lenders, meaning you can still access the best rates without having a perfect score.

What Interest Rate Can I Get With an 850 Credit Score?

Borrowers with an 850 score can access the best rates on the market. When you secure low rates on loans or credit cards, you pay less to borrow funds and keep more money in your pocket each month.

Can I Buy a House With an 850 Credit Score?

If you have a reliable source of income, you may experience an easy approval process for conventional mortgage loans. Unlike FHA loans, conventional loans are not backed by the government, so you need good credit to qualify. Conventional loans provide lower rates, higher loan amounts, and PMI flexibility.  

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