Grand Prairie is located in the northwestern part of Texas. With around 200,000 residents, it’s the 119th largest city in the US and the 15th largest in Texas. It’s also been ranked 7th happiest city in the US. If you want to travel to Grand Prairie for beach activities, consider visiting between May and September as summers are pretty hot, but the skies are typically cloudy, and winters are usually cold and windy.

Despite the summer heat, Grand Prairie offers plenty of fun activities, which makes it attractive for tourists. It’s also rich in arts and culture. This city is home to the headquarters of several large companies, including Airbus Helicopters. Some of the biggest employers, according to a report from 2018, are the Grand Prairie Independent School District, Poly-America, Inc., and others.

The overall cost of living in Grand Prairie is slightly above the US average, which is primarily caused by the cost of gasoline, car maintenance, and insurance expenses, as well as housing. Nevertheless, you can buy a home in this city for around $210,000. At 62.7%, the rate of home ownership is also good. If you’re interested in renting a place in Grand Prairie, the average rent is around $1500.

Grand Prairie’s unemployment rate is 3.7%, which is below US average. The job market has increased recently and is predicted to increase even more in the near future. The average income of residents in Grand Prairie’s is around $23,100 a year, and the median household income is close to $55,400 a year.

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What are Grand Prairie Personal Loans?

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