Loans from
$300 – $5,000

Repayment term
4 – 24 Months

Minimum credit score
No min. to apply

The figures provided are representative of a typical installment loan made or arranged by CreditNinja and are not guaranteed rates or terms that you may qualify for.

By CreditNinja
Modified on January 19, 2024

Personal loans in Garland, TX, can be a great way to get your financial situation in order or take care of unexpected expenses. Borrowers in Garland may be able to access personal loan funding via the following financial institutions: 

  • Direct lenders online. 
  • Banks. 
  • Credit unions. 

Here, you will learn how personal loans in Garland, TX work, how you can qualify, and how you may even be able to get the cash you need today! 

Installment Loans

An installment loan is a type of personal loan distributed to customers in one lump sum. Installment loans are not revolving lines of credit, so once the borrower receives their funding, they will have to reapply if they would like more. Furthermore, installment loans are known as unsecured loans, meaning borrowers don’t have to put up any property as collateral to qualify!   

No Credit Check Loans

Many bad credit borrowers think that a no credit check loan is the only way they can get approved for loan funding, but personal loans can change that! Instead of focusing solely on your credit score when determining approval, personal loan lenders look at other financial factors, such as a borrower’s income and other assets. Borrowers may also be able to utilize a cosigner if they are worried about their credit score holding them back from finding loan approval. Now, borrowers don’t have to rely on risky no credit check loans to get fast cash. 

Cash Advance Loans

Garland personal loans are also great for covering long-term or short-term expenses. When people need a cash advance loan, seeking out forms of funding like payday loans or even payday advance apps can be common. But, these types of financing often come with hidden fees, high-interest rates, or other costs that could end up leaving you with more debt than you started with. With installment loans, your loan details are all clearly displayed on your loan contract, so there won’t be any surprises when it comes to fees or added expenses. 

Online Bad Credit Loans

Thanks to the convenience of online applications, the process of getting bad credit loans has never been simpler. To start, research a few loan places to see what kinds of financial products and interest rates are available. Although it may be tempting, don’t just apply to the first lender you come across. If you keep researching, you may be able to find a deal that other lenders weren’t willing to offer you. 

Once you decide on a lender, fill out a quick online application for your personal installment loan in Garland, Texas. Next, your lender will request a few documents from you. After your documents have been processed, you can sign your loan contract and get your money! 

Your loan contract will contain all of your personal loan details, such as: 

  • Total funded amount.
  • Due dates for your payments. 
  • Interest rates. 
  • A breakdown of any additional fees, like an origination fee. 

Payday Loans Alternative

One of the most common personal loan alternatives is a payday loan. A payday loan is a type of cash advance funding designed to help consumers access money while they are in between paychecks. However, most payday lenders expect borrowers to pay their loans back in full once they receive their next paycheck. So, if you don’t think you’ll be able to pay back your entire loan in about two weeks or less, a payday loan probably won’t work well for your financial needs.

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