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Modified on January 19, 2024

The best way to pay off multiple payday loans is to consolidate them into one new, lower-interest personal loan. This will make your monthly payments more manageable, and could potentially save you money by lowering your overall interest payments. But make sure to find a loan with a lower interest rate than your current payday loans, so that it’s worth it.  

Having several loans at one time can definitely be a stressful situation. Unfortunately, this is a situation that too many people find themselves in. But the fact is, having multiple loans and multiple payments is not easy to manage. It could lead to missed payments, late fees, added interest, and more. The best way to deal with this is to simplify the situation by consolidating your debts. 

Consolidation means taking out one large loan, to pay off several smaller ones. Not only is it easier to manage one payment as opposed to several, but you could end up saving money as well. The goal is to find a personal loan, like an installment loan or bank loan, that you can use to pay off these smaller debts. 

If your new loan has a better interest rate than your smaller debts, then you’ll save money by consolidating. But even if the interest rate is the same, it could still make your life easier because you’ll only have to focus on one payment instead of several. 

Good loans to consider when consolidating would be bank or credit union loans. Unfortunately, many borrowers who rely on payday loans do so because banks won’t approve them for a superior loan product. A personal installment loan is a good alternative in this situation. 

A personal installment loan is usually one that borrowers with poor credit scores can still be approved for. They also offer more money than a payday loan, and a longer amount of time to repay the debt. This makes them good options if you’re considering consolidating your payday loans. 

Make sure that if you are considering consolidation you research the loan and the lender thoroughly. Read online reviews, ask questions, and be sure you’re able to make payments on time before signing for a new, larger loan.

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