With around 245,000 residents, Irving is the 13th largest city in Texas and 95th largest in the U.S. Irving is located in the suburbs of Dallas County and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Irving’s climate is humid as this city resides within the subtropical region. The sunny weather helps to make Irving’s Grapevine Lake, Mandalay Canal Walk, or Arts Center potentially attractive tourist spots.

Irving is also home to headquarters of multiple large businesses, including Chuck E. Cheese, 7-Eleven, and Envoy Air. Also, Boy Scouts of America have their national headquarters there.

This city’s economy relies primarily on retail trade, scientific and technical services, and accommodation and food services. The most common occupations in Irving, Texas are office and administrative support, sales, and management occupations. These job possibilities help to give Irving a relatively low unemployment rate at 3.2%.

The median household income in Irving is around $58,000, and an Irving resident’s average annual salary is $28,670. The predicted job growth over the next ten years is 44.13%, which is significantly above the US average. Irving’s cost of living is slightly higher than Texas’s and the U.S. in general. Groceries and health care are more affordable, but transportation and housing may cost you more than in other cities.

If you’re a resident of Irving, Texas and you’re looking for a financial boost to get you back on track, a personal loan could potentially be the right solution.

What Are Personal Loans?

Personal loans are typically an amount of money borrowed from a bank, a credit union, or other lender — used for personal purposes. While many loans have a required usage, you are allowed to use personal loans for any purpose, as long as it’s legal. Some of the most common reasons for taking out a personal loan include paying for unexpected medical bills, tuition, car repairs, debt consolidation, and similar expenses.

To be eligible for a personal loan, you only need to meet some basic requirements. If your income is high enough to support a personal loan, and you have a good credit history, your application will probably be approved.

If you have a poor credit score, some lenders may only approve you for a secured loan, which will require you to back up your personal loan with collateral, such as your car. If you don’t pay off the personal loan on time, you may lose this asset.

If you have good credit and a stable source of income, you can potentially be approved for an unsecured loan, which doesn’t require you to back up the loan with any collateral. Typically, you pay off your loan, including interest, in monthly installments. The interest rate depends on the amount of money you’re borrowing and on the repayment period. Your credit score can also affect the interest rate; the higher the score, the lower the interest.

As for the amount of money you can borrow, some lenders have limits, and in these cases, even with a perfect credit score, you will only be allowed to borrow a certain amount of money. Generally, the principal depends on your income as well as your credit score

If your credit score and your financial history aren’t perfect there are some lenders that may approve your loan regardless. 

Why Should You Choose CreditNinja?

There are multiple reasons to consider taking out a personal loan in Irving, Texas from CreditNinja:

  1. We believe in giving everyone a chance at receiving a loan. No matter whether you’re struggling and need a quick boost, or you’d simply like to take charge of your financial situation, we’re here for you in both cases.
  2. The application process is straightforward and quick. Apply for a personal loan using your laptop or your smartphone! You don’t even have to leave your home.
  3. If your personal loan application is approved, you can receive the money as soon as the next business day. However, if you apply for a loan before 10:30 AM, Monday through Friday, you may be approved and funded on the same day.¹

Apply today and take your financial future into your hands.

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