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You can most likely get a personal loan with a 500 credit score if you have a steady source of income! Quality lenders like CreditNinja may extend a loan offer for 500 credit score loans if you can provide proof of your ability to make monthly payments on time.

Credit scores are typically one of the main qualifying factors for loans. According to a CNBC article, credit scores at 500 fall into the “very poor credit” category.¹ Your credit score is a numerical representation of your financial history. A high score can demonstrate that you can successfully manage your financial account and pay bills on time. But life is unpredictable, and you may not have a good credit score for several reasons. And while a bad score can make it difficult to receive an approval on a loan application or get good rates, it is possible to fix it. 

How Is a Credit Score Calculated?

Numerical values for scores are calculated using the information in your credit reports. The FICO credit score is one of the most commonly used credit scoring models. There are five factors  that directly affect how low or high your score is. In order of importance, these include your payment history, total debt, length of financial history, new inquiries, and credit mix.

Credit bureaus examine these five factors to determine a three-digit number that represents your past financial behavior; this is your credit score. It’s important to remember that there are several types of credit bureaus. While your scores may be similar with each one, they may also be different depending on how that specific credit bureau weighs your financial history. 

Focusing on these five factors to boost your credit can help you improve your overall credit scores with each major credit bureau over time. 

How to Improve Your Scores:

ActionImpact on ScoreTips
Pay bills on timeImproves payment historySet up automatic payments or reminders.
Reduce total debtLowers credit utilization ratioAim to use less than 30% of your total credit limit.
Keep old accounts openIncreases length of financial historyEven if not in use, these can benefit your score.
Limit new applicationsMinimizes potential negative hitsOnly apply for new loans when necessary.
Diversify credit typesShows responsible use of different credit formsConsider a mix of credit (e.g., credit card, auto loan, mortgage).

Best Personal Loans & Products for a Low Credit Score

There are many emergency loan options for bad credit. Bad credit loans are meant for people that have a poor financial history and can’t qualify for loans from a traditional financial institution. They provide fast funding and flexible eligibility requirements. There are several types of bad credit loans and financial products out there, so it’s important to understand the differences. 

Personal Loans

Personal loans are a great financing option for people that have a subpar credit rating because some lenders don’t have a minimum credit score requirement. Some may prefer to base loan offers on your income, rather than your financial history. Remember, the income requirements will vary based on the lender and type of loan. Interest rates will also vary, so make sure to do plenty of research. 

Collateral is usually not required for this type of financing, so you don’t have to risk using a valuable asset to secure the emergency cash. This means you can easily find a lender that works with borrowers that have bad credit scores. As long as you can show documentation of your income, you may be able to get emergency cash to spend on bills and unexpected expenses!

Personal loans can be found online or at a storefront location. These loans are also referred to as “installment loans” because they are repaid through a series of monthly payments or “installments.”

Secured Loans

Secured loans, such as car title loans, are often easier to get than unsecured loans because offering collateral lowers the lenders’ risk. However, using a valuable asset to get a loan is risky and can be inconvenient. If the lender doesn’t receive repayment from the borrower, they can keep the collateral and sell it to recover their losses. So it’s important to understand the requirements of a secured loan before offering up collateral. 

The upside, however, is that you may have an easier time receiving approval on your application, and you might have access to better interest rates. This is because collateral offers an added layer of security for the lender. So they may feel more comfortable offering loan approval on your application, despite a low score. 

Many personal loans on the other hand are unsecured, and you may be able to qualify for one even with a 500 credit score!

Co Signer Loans

A co signer loan is one where the borrower has a third party sign onto the loan with them. If the borrower fails to make repayment, the third party or “co-signer” becomes responsible for the balance. Typically, this third party would be a close friend or family member of the borrower because it involved a lot of trust. 

There are several types of loans that fall into this category. You may be able to use a co signer for personal loans, auto loans, or even mortgages. 

Adding a third party to your loan contract can incentivize the lender to approve a borrower with a lower score. You may also be offered decent rates if the person signing on has a good financial history. Just remember that forcing your friend or family member to complete the repayment process could potentially strain the relationship. 

CreditNinja’s Thoughts on Loans for 500 Credit Score 

While getting a personal loan when you have a 500 credit score may be possible, it may also not be in your best interest financially. Unless you are going through an extreme financial emergency with no other options available, CreditNinja suggests you work on improving your credit score before applying for a loan. Focus on the following financial behaviors: 

  • Payment history (35%)
  • Total debt (30%)
  • Length of credit history (15%)
  • Credit inquiries (10%)
  • Credit mix (10%)

To boost your credit score, you could try tactics like paying off debt, cutting back on unnecessary spending, and making sure you make all your payments on or before their due dates. This can help improve your scores, and lead to better interest rates. 


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