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Bright Lending is an online tribal lender that offers installment loans, specifically personal loans. Many people who need some extra cash quickly often turn to online options and personal loans are often a better choice than payday loans. But Bright Lending is not the only option out there, and if you are looking for a personal loan online, you may be curious about alternatives. Below, you will find a comprehensive overview of Bright Lending and our loans at CreditNinja so you can figure out what works best for you.

Finding the Right Personal Loan

If you are considering personal loans or online short term loans for your unexpected expenses, the good news is that there are many options available, even for those who may not have the best credit scores. Yes, even bad credit borrowers may be able to secure a personal loan!

Personal loans are some of the most versatile and popular loan options available. According to information published by TransUnion in May, the total debt from personal loans reached $225 billion in the first quarter of 2023, marking a significant 26% rise compared to the same period last year.1

Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Find the Right Personal Loan

There are many personal loans out there, and finding the right one can be a bit challenging if you don’t know what to look out for. Here are some financial factors you should consider when trying to find the right personal loan: 

  • How long or how short a potential loan is, and whether that will work for you.
  • The loan amount, is it enough to cover the entire cost of your expense?
  • What does the monthly payment look like? Can you afford to pay the minimum amount due every month?
  • How quickly can you get funded? Will it be fast enough for your needs? Keep in mind that online loans tend to be faster than in-person loans. 
  • What kind of loan fees will you have to pay? 
  • Who is the lender, and have past customers had positive experiences with them?
  • Is your interest rate competitive? 
  • What is the total cost or APR of your loan? 
  • Consider whether you want an unsecured or secured personal loan.
  • What do you want to use the funds for? Some lenders may have limitations on what the loan funds can be used for. 

The thing about finding the best personal loans is that the variables will be subjective because not everyone’s financial situation is the same! For example, those with good credit may not be interested in whether a lender offers bad credit loans. Or someone who has time to wait for funding may not find online lenders more helpful than in-person lenders. 

Personal loans can be a great alternative to payday loans, which many people with poor credit scores may feel is their only choice. So, instead of inquiring about a payday loan or finding payday lenders, you may want to start your search for bad credit funding with a personal loan instead. Below is more information on how most payday lenders operate and why personal loans may work well as an alternative. 

Personal Loan vs. Payday Loan 

When looking for emergency loans with bad credit, you will likely come across in-person or online payday loans. Payday loans are extremely short-term loans that make a few hundred dollars available for borrowers. 

Although traditional payday loans can seem convenient, payday loans usually offer an extremely short period for repayment, which, coupled with their high-interest rates, can make it difficult to repay the loan. And so payday loans are best avoided if possible! 

Personal loans are a great alternative to payday loans because they offer more flexibility with repayment, and minimum loan amounts can be much higher. Additionally, personal loans with the right lender may be available to borrowers who don’t have the best credit scores or credit history. And so, instead of turning to a payday lender or payday loan company when you need funding, you can look at a personal loan instead.

Personal Loans Compared to Car Title Loans

Other loan options similar to payday loans are title loans, also called car title loans or auto title loans, which use a borrower’s vehicle as collateral. Auto title loans offer flexibility for borrowers with bad credit. However, they can be challenging to pay back and can put your vehicle at risk. Instead of payday loans or car title loans, you can look to personal installment loans for funding.

Installment Loans Like Bright Lending: What You Need To Know

Bright Lending helps borrowers find solutions to their short-term financial needs through personal loans. They are a direct lender instead of working with a lender marketplace. 

A unique and interesting thing about them is that they are tribal lenders, which means that they are owned by Native American tribes on tribal land. This can mean some limitations in where they choose to fund their loans. However, you can inquire about your specific location through their website. 

Another thing that is unique about Bright Lending is that they offer a “VIP” program for borrowers who have used them before and had a positive payment history. Returning customers may be able to borrow more funding than they initially did, and they may be able to get better interest rates. 

How Much Can I Borrow Through Bright Lending?

First-time borrowers can borrow between $300 and $1,000. Returning customers who qualify may be able to borrow up to $2,000. For eligibility, Bright Lending will look at your history with them, if applicable, along with your income. 

Does Bright Lending Check Credit?

When you apply for most personal loans, lenders will conduct a credit check which means that your credit report and credit score will be looked at closely to determine eligibility for the loan amount and loan terms. 

However, there are some no-credit-check loans out there, and Bright Lending offers them. There are no hard credit checks with their personal loan. Instead of pulling your credit reports through the three major credit bureaus, Bright Lending may find information through alternative providers, which may result in  a soft inquiry. 

What Are the Minimum Requirements for a Personal Loan With Bright Lending?

When thinking about applying for a personal loan through Bright Lending, there are some minimum requirements that borrowers must meet for loan approval. Here is what you will need:

  • You will need a recurring and verifiable income source.
  • Meet the required underwriting requirements. 
  • Meet all the legal requirements to enter a contract.
  • You will need to have an active bank account, specifically a checking account. 

Can You Get a Personal Loan With Bright Lending Even if You Have a Bad Credit Score? 

Yes, it is possible because, as mentioned above, Bright Lending does not check credit and so having a low credit score is okay. Instead of focusing on whether you have a good credit score, they will focus on your income and the potential history that you may have with their company. 

What Will Repayment Look Like With Bright Lending?

With Bright Lending, their loans are standard installment loans, which means repayment will include steady monthly payments until the loan is repaid in full. You can make payment via a direct deposit from your bank account, a personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or certified check to their address. 

Bright Lending Loan Example

Say you received a loan in the amount of $500 from Bright Lending. Then, say you planned to repay the full loan balance within 3 months by making bi-weekly payments. When giving examples of repayment schedules on their website, Bright Lending uses APRs that range from 700% to 725%. And so, in our example, we will assume a first-time borrower will receive the maximum APR of 725%. 

Below is a breakdown of how paying back a loan like that may work: 

Payment #InterestPrincipalPayment AmountRemaining Balance


Can individuals with bad credit apply for loans from Bright Lending or CreditNinja?

Yes, both Bright Lending and CreditNinja cater to individuals with various credit backgrounds. Bright Lending states that bad credit is acceptable, and CreditNinja also offers loan options for those who may not have the best credit scores.

How does Bright Lending compare to other payday loans and alternatives like CreditNinja?

Bright Lending offers installment loans with specific terms and conditions different from traditional payday loans. It provides an alternative for short-term borrowing needs. CreditNinja, another online lender, offers personal installment loans with different terms, catering to a wider range of financial backgrounds and offering higher loan amounts up to $5,000.

What are some advantages of an online lender?

Online lenders like CreditNinja or Bright Lending usually offer a faster process than traditional in-person lenders. Along with that, the process may be easier.

Why do some people prefer installment loans over single-payment loans?

Some people prefer an installment loan, such as a personal loan, over a single-payment loan, like a payday loan or cash advance loan, because more payments may be manageable rather than a single payment that includes both the principal and interest.

Is my information safe when applying for an online loan?

Most online lenders are aware of the risks that come with collecting secure personal information; however, some may take more precautions than others. One of the basics you should look for is website encryption and compliance with federal and state regulations regarding data protection and privacy. 

CreditNinja: How Does It Compare?

CreditNinja is an online lender that offers personal installment loan options for borrowers with good or bad credit. We have been helping people since 2018 and have helped thousands of people find financial solutions. Our personal loans are incredibly flexible and offer an array of benefits. Here are some reasons why our installment loans stand out from other personal loans:

There Are No Hidden Fees

Everything you need to know about costs is in the loan agreement, so that means no surprises that you have to worry about.

There Are No Prepayment Penalties

You can pay your CreditNinja loan off early without any prepayment penalties! This can really help you save on interest and isn’t something that every lender will allow without a fee. 

An Easy Application Process

Applying for installment loans with CreditNinja is extremely simple! All you have to do is fill out an online application and answer a few questions. And everything can be completed online. 

Repayment Terms Can Range 

Unlike some traditional lenders that may have rigid repayment terms, at CreditNinja, we provide a variety of loan terms. 

Our Customer Service Agents Are Extremely Helpful

Our customer service team is extremely helpful, attentive, and empathetic! And so, anytime you need help before, during, or after applying, CreditNinja can help! 

Fast Funding During Financial Emergencies 

Once approved for a loan with CreditNinja, the funds can be made available very quickly! In most cases, the funds may be available as soon as the same business day.*

What Does the Application Process Look Like When Working With CreditNinja?

Curious about what the process looks like with CreditNinja? Here is what the application process entails: 

Step 1: Apply for a Personal Loan 

To begin the process, you will have to head online and begin your loan application. We will ask you some basic questions if you are trying to borrow money from us. We will ask about your personal information and some information about your income.

Step 2: Find Out About Approval

Once you submit your loan application, you will find out about approval. Then you can review the loan agreement and loan terms. You’ll get specifics on the loan amount, the interest rates, and the repayment period (interest rates range and repayment periods can vary from one borrower to another). 

Step 3: Get Funding

Once you sign the loan agreement, all there is left to do is get funding! Getting your approved emergency cash is easy, too; it can be sent straight to your bank account!


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