Nestled in the eastern ranges of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is a beautiful place to live. Between the gorgeous red-sandstone formations in the Garden of the Gods park and the vast mountain ranges, there is no lack of magnificent nature views in Colorado Springs.

Some popular places in the Colorado Springs area are:

  • Academy blvd
  • Union blvd
  • Colorado ave
  • Austin Bluffs
  • Nevada ave
  • Murray blvd
  • Circle dr
  • Gods rd
  • Platte ave ste

But what do residents of Colorado Springs do when they need quick emergency money? People with a bad credit score might feel hopeless when it comes to finding affordable funding. But with personal loans in Colorado Springs, everyone has a chance at financial success.

Learn about the different personal loans and financing options available in Colorado Springs, CO. Once you have more information, and you can pick the loan product that is best for you!

What is a Bad Credit Personal Loan in Colorado Springs, CO?

A personal loan is a type of funding people in Colorado Springs, CO, can use for various financial needs. Personal loans can help you cover just about any financial emergency by offering both high and low loan amounts. Here are some common reasons residents of Colorado Springs take out personal loans.

Catch Up on Bills and Consolidate Debt

Personal loans can be a great financial solution, whether you are trying to pay past due bills or knocking out some credit card debt. With the help of a personal loan, you could get your finances in order and stay up to date on your bills and payments!

Fix Your Car

If you’re like most people in Colorado Springs, CO, you rely on your vehicle for everyday transportation. When your car breaks down and needs repairs, fixing it is a high priority. Instead of stressing about where you will find the money to fix your car, try personal loans!

Cover Medical Bills

Medical procedures or even a quick trip to the emergency room can get quite expensive, even if you have insurance. Unfortunately, covering medical costs without insurance is a stressful situation many people have to face. Thankfully, personal loans can help pick up some of the slack.

Pay for Home Repairs

When your home needs a series of improvements, it can be easy to put those expenses low on your to-do list. But with personal loans, you can prioritize taking care of your home. Whether you need extra money to fix a leaky roof or are looking for washer and dryer financing options, a personal loan can be a big help!

What Are The Different Types of Personal Loans in Colorado Springs, CO?

The type of loan you get may vary depending on your financial situation and needs. There are a few different types of personal loans available for people who live in Colorado Springs, CO. Learn a bit more about them so you can decide which one would suit you best.

Here are some bad credit loan options to consider when you need to borrow money in Colorado Springs, CO.

Personal Installment Loans

One of the most versatile types of bad credit loans is personal installment loans. With the ability to cover the full range of your financial needs, personal installment loans can come with funding amounts from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Most Installment lenders also offer financial services like customized payment plans and refinancing assistance.

Car Title Loans

If you own a vehicle you are willing to use as collateral; you could get a car title loan. Similar to payday loans, title loans usually come with brief terms and increased rates. If you don’t want to run the risk of potentially losing your vehicle or don’t think you can pay off your loan quickly, you should look at loan options outside of title loans.

Payday Loans in Colorado Springs

Payday loans, sometimes also called a payday cash advance, are a short-term high-interest form of funding. Before you apply for payday loans, make sure you have the means to pay off your loan in full within about fourteen days or less. If you’re looking to avoid hidden fees and other inconveniences, you should stay away from payday lenders.

Colorado Springs, CO Bank Loans

Those with a high credit score may consider loan products from a bank. Banks offer unsecured loans to borrowers in good financial standing and may immediately reject an application if they see a low credit score. Even if you are considering the bank where you have your checking or savings account, you should only apply if you feel confident about your current credit score.

Brokered Loans

Brokers claim to offer financial services for borrowers new to the lending industry by connecting them with the best loan options and lenders from their extended network. But, it would be best if you didn’t count on a broker to connect you to the best direct lenders. Since they are often working on getting a commission, brokers do not always have the borrower’s best interest in mind.

Furthermore, brokers are usually not federally insured, meaning there aren’t a lot of regulations keeping them in place. You are most likely better off cutting out the middleman and working with a lender directly.

Do I Need a Cosigner for a Bad Credit Personal Loan in Colorado Springs, CO?

A cosigner is a trusted individual in good financial standing that signs a loan along with the borrower. If for some reason, the borrower is unable to make payments on their loan, the cosigner is responsible for paying back the debt. Sometimes, people will opt to sign onto a loan with a cosigner if their credit is not strong enough for approval on their own.

Before you ask a friend or family member to cosign a loan with you, be aware of the implications. If you choose a cosigner who is not financially responsible, you may end up in a difficult financial situation and possibly fighting with a loved one. Being a cosigner is a big responsibility, so make sure the relationship can handle the role before anybody signs anything.

Thankfully, many bad credit loans do not require a cosigner at all! Personal loans like installment loans offer rates and terms suited for people with both high and low scores, so everyone has the potential to get approved on their own.

How Colorado Springs Residents Can Prep Their Finances To Get the Best Personal Loan Online

If you are new to loans, you may want to understand your personal financial situation better before you start applying. That way, you can apply for the specific lenders or loan types best suited for you.

To prep your finances for a loan, one of the first steps you need to take is doing a soft credit check. Also called a soft pull, soft credit checks give people a consolidated report on their financial accounts and history. This credit report has similar information contained in a hard credit check, which lenders use to decide if potential applicants are an appropriate lending risk. Details like your loan term and annual percentage rate are all informed by your credit report.

While lenders do look at verifiable income and other financial details, your credit score plays a major role in determining many factors of your loan. Those with a higher credit score are more likely to receive benefits like lower loan rates and increased loan amounts.

Don’t know how to get your credit report? Don’t worry! Most credit card companies and banks offer free financial services that can give you your FICO score for free. Soft credit checks do not go on your overall reports, so you can check in your credit score as often as you like with no penalties.

After you have a better picture of your credit report and credit score, you can decide which loan type you should get. If you have a credit score on the lower side, you may want to look at bad credit loan products. A bad credit loan can be anything from a personal installment loan to payday loans.

If you have a high credit score, you can look into more exclusive options like a credit union or bank loans. Installment loans are also a viable option, even if you don’t have a poor credit score!

To fully prepare yourself for a loan, you should start thinking about how you’re going to pay it back right away. Creating a monthly budget, you can stick to may be a helpful tool in maintaining good financial habits when you have your loan. If you get a loan with fixed rates, you can plan virtually every payment because they will remain consistent each month.

Will a Bad Credit Loan in Colorado Springs Go Against my Credit Score?

If you have poor or no credit, you may be wary about what type of personal loan you apply for. By finding the right kind of loan and staying consistent with your monthly installments, you can start to rebuild your credit. Depending on how financially responsible you are with bad credit loans, you may see an increase in your credit score over time.

How timely you pay back your debt is a major contributing factor to your credit score. Stay on top of the monthly payments on your bad credit loan, and you may start to see your credit score go up!

Besides payment history, other factors that contribute to your credit score are:

  • Credit length
  • Credit Mix
  • Credit inquiries
  • Debt vs. incoming credit

When Do I Have to Start Paying Back my Personal Loan in Colorado Springs, CO?

After you’ve signed your contract, paid any origination fees, and received your money, you’ll eventually have to start thinking about paying back your loan. With some personal loans, you don’t have to make a single payment until 30 days after receiving funds. Others require full repayment within about two weeks. This is why it’s important to research personal loans before you apply and commit to a product.

For example, installment loans and payday loans differ significantly regarding payback terms. Personal loans like installment loans offer convenient fixed rates that allow borrowers to plan out their finances and stay organized with fixed monthly payments. On the other hand, payday loans have short payback terms. They expect borrowers to pay off their loan within approximately fourteen days.

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