What Personal Loan Rate Should I Expect With 746 Credit Score?

A 746 credit score falls into the “very good” credit category according to the FICO scoring model. This means that you can expect to be eligible for a lot of different types of loans and credit products, and very good interest rates as well. While the absolute best interest rates would be reserved for borrowers with exceptional or near-perfect credit, you’ll still be offered great rates. 

If you have a 746 credit score and you’re in need of a personal loan, you’re in for some good news. Many different types of lenders, credit card companies, banks, and credit unions will likely want to work with you. This is because you have a good history of on-time payments and overall good financial habits. They’ll likely view you as “creditworthy” and be willing to offer you a loan and very good interest rates. 

Many borrowers spend years working on improving their credit scores. And maybe you already have. But now you’ve reached the admirable score of 746, which is a great achievement. But that doesn’t mean that the work is over and you get to sit back and coast. Quite the opposite actually. Just because you have a good credit score doesn’t mean it will stay that way. 

Credit scores fluctuate for many different reasons over the course of your financial life. And if you stop working hard to maintain good financial practices, you could start to see your score drop. So how can you maintain, or better yet, improve upon your great credit? Great question! Here are a few things you should continue to focus on:

  • Maintain low credit card usage, and pay off your balances before the end of each billing cycle.
  • Use disposable monthly income to pay down outstanding debts.
  • Continue to make payments on time and pay off loans by or before their due dates.

These things will continue to be important factors for your credit score throughout the years. If you start to drop the ball in any of these areas you may also see your credit drop. 

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