Holiday tipping guides how to give (but not too much)

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Holiday Tipping Guides

The holidays are a time of year, where many people focus on giving. Holiday tipping guides are an essential part of figuring out the standard amount to tip for different services. 

The holiday season is a time of year that workers in the service industry work extra hard to make things easier for their clients. 

If you are paying for any of these services, paying a little extra on a tip is encouraged. Anytime you are tipping make sure to factor in your financial stability by understanding your credit score and calculating your income.

Depending on the service, and holiday budget you are trying to save on, you may wonder if you should tip and how much.  

Below are some recommendations of holiday tips for different services.

Holiday Tipping Guides When Going Out 

For many people, the holidays are a time of year where they frequent restaurants and bars. Here are tip recommendations when you go out: 

Holiday Tipping for Restaurant and Bar Staff

When tipping for a meal or a drink, the recommended amount is twenty percent of the total, and then any additional tip you like to give to them. 

Front Desk and Building Staff a Holiday Tip

Depending on where you go during the holiday season, you can come across door attendants, a resident manager, a garage attendant, an elevator operator, and other building staff. 

Generally, a tip between ten to twenty dollars is considered a good holiday tip for building staff. 

Tipping Guide During the Holidays for Family Care, Child Care, and Self-Care

The people who take care of your pets and children are most likely around the entire year. And a holiday tip can be a great way to show them some extra appreciation for these people. Below are some recommendations for holiday tips for those taking care of your loved ones: 

You Nanny and Regular Babysitter

If you have a nanny or regular babysitter hired occasionally, a cash tip along with a small gift is a great way to go. 

Generally, you can tip them a minimum tip of a day’s or evening’s pay for the holidays. However, suppose you feel extra generous and have a full-time nanny and have the proper holiday budget. In that case, many people choose to tip anywhere from one week’s pay to a month’s worth of income. A homemade gift from your child can be a great addition to a holiday bonus! 

Home Health Employees/a Private Nurse/ Nursing Home Employees 

If a loved one is being taken care of, or if you are being taken care of by a home health care employee, consider tipping them. 

Tipping these service workers that make your life easier on a daily basis is a great way to show appreciation for them. A good holiday tip guide to follow for caretakers is a day’s wage, one week’s pay, or a month’s pay (depending on how often they work for you). 

One Week’s Pay of Holiday Tipping for Live-in Help

Live-in help can become a part of your family. And so, in addition to money, consider giving them a small gift and a personal note as a nice gesture to show appreciation. 

Like nannies and home healthcare workers, pay these workers an extra tip of a week’s pay minimum up to a month’s pay. 

Your Dog Walker, Pet Sitter and Pet Groomer 

Pet sitters and a regular dog walker should be tipped anywhere from one session’s fee up to one week’s pay, again depending on how often they work for you. Tip pet groomers a minimum of twenty percent of the service costs. Give either pet service worker a cash tip.  

Teachers and Daycare Workers 

Tips for essential workers such as a teacher and a daycare staff member can be tricky. Instead of cash gifts, give them either gift cards or a personal gift from your child to show your appreciation for their work. 

Tipping With Self-Care Services 

Your hairstylist, barber, manicurist, massage therapist, etc., keep you looking good and feeling your best all year round. The holidays are the perfect time to give them a cash gift. 

A good guide is to provide a cash tip equaling one session or one visit as a holiday tip. Keep in mind that self-care places usually only can accept tips if they are in cash only. 

Holiday Tipping for Home and Car Services (Repair, Maintenance, Upkeep)

Make sure to tip maintenance staff. So, it would help if you tipped workers like gardeners, pool cleaners, car mechanics, trash, and collectors. A tip between $25-$50 will suffice for those who provide these services. 

Holiday Tipping for Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers and postal workers are an essential part of the holiday season. Based on where your mail comes from, your tips may be limited. Here is a holiday tipping guide for mail carriers: 

  • U.S mail carriers—U. s mail carriers cannot accept cash gifts; however, you can provide a gift or gift card for under $25 in value. 
  • FedEx, UPS, and Amazon Drivers— Cash or gift card of up to $25 
  • Furniture deliveries— up to $25 unless they are also moving things into your place– you may want to add an additional tip of $10-$15 

Who Am I Not Accepted to Tip? 

Here are a few industries and services that do not accept tips; however, if you are close to them, you can give them a small gift: 

  • Doctors and Medical Staff at a Hospital/Clinic When Paying for 
  • Lawyers and Legal Assistants 
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Veterinarians
  • Police or Firefighters 

Resources That Can Help Take Care of Holiday Costs

Sometimes, when coming up with a budget for the holidays, you may not have factored in all the costs that come with it. Suppose your holiday bonus or income cannot cover expenses like holiday shopping, gift-giving, or you are in a financial emergency. In that case, there are options for extra money: 

These loan types are fast, simple and once approved; the funds can be made available quickly. 

Keeping Your Holiday Budget in Mind With a Holiday Tipping Guide! 

The past year was especially hard for public service workers and service providers who lost jobs due to the pandemic. As things open up again and your regular service providers make their way back into their careers, many patrons want to thank them during the holidays this year.

Although it is generous and a nice gesture to provide extra tips for service workers, keep in mind that you never have to go over a holiday budget. Options like homemade gifts for those you regularly work with, or a simple thank you to with a regular tip, are great alternatives if you cannot add a holiday cash tip. 

And if you’re interested in more holiday tips, check out the CreditNinja blog on holiday credit cards!

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