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Modified on June 6, 2023
Loans For Rent Assistance

Are you having trouble paying rent? Loans for rent assistance can make it possible to pay rent on time and help you pay for emergencies. Below you will find more information on the different loans for rent assistance and additional ways to get the cash you need to pay rent and pay for emergencies.

Loans for Rent Assistance—Consider the Different Options

Depending on your situation, you may be wondering “what are emergency eviction loans for rent assistance?” Below are some of the loan options to consider for quick cash when you need it:

Personal Loans

One of the most common loans out there, personal loans, can be used for all kinds of expenses. In general, you’ll need to have a good credit score to be eligible. Look to banks, credit unions, or private lenders to find a personal loan.

Payday Loans to Pay for Housing

Payday loans are a type of secured lending that uses the borrower’s paycheck as collateral. Your ability to repay the loan will determine eligibility rather than credit history.

Cash Advance Loans for Rent Assistance

A cash advance loan is available relatively quickly and makes a small amount of cash available. If you have bad credit or no credit, you may want to consider applying for an online cash advance loan.

Car Title Loans for Rent

Car title loans work by using the borrower’s vehicle as collateral. Value of the vehicle, income, and the borrower’s ability to repay the loan will determine eligibility and loan amount. 

Borrow from Friends or Family Members

Another option to look into is going to be borrowing from friends or family. Although this situation can be awkward, it can be convenient. Generally, these loans come without interest rates, and you’ll get more flexibility with repayment.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be another option to look into if you need to make rent payments. If you already have a credit card, you can use it for rent. Credit card lenders will look at your income and credit score for eligibility. 

What to Consider When Taking Out Loans for Rent Assistance

Borrowers should get all the information they need for their loan and lender. If you are thinking of pursuing a loan if you are facing eviction, consider these variables:

  • The loan’s interest rate — pay attention to and learn how to calculate the interest on your loan, as this will be the cost of borrowing the loan.
  • The payment period — make sure you have enough time to repay your loan. Catching up to debt is a cycle that you can prevent!
  • The repayment terms — ask about any screening fees or payments that come with borrowing.
  • The lender’s legitimacy — before providing a lender with any sensitive information, ensure that your lender is legit. Additionally, if applying online, only submit info to secure websites.

Rental Assistance Programs for a Long-Term Emergency

A loan can take care of a one-time financial emergency. However, if you are dealing with long-term financial hardship, assistance programs can help.

Government Programs for Rental Assistance

Many government programs help individuals and families that require financial assistance with rent payments through grants; here are a few:

Unemployment From the United States Government

If you cannot pay rent due to a job loss, unemployment could provide emergency rental assistance.

Resources from The U.S Department of Housing and Development (HUD) for Rental Assistance

HUD is an official government organization that helps homeowners and renters struggling with making their monthly payments. Here are some of the program covers:

  • Utility bill payments
  • Low-income housing
  • Public housing and Housing Choice Vouchers
  • HUD-assisted and Affordable Apartment
  • Legal aid
  • Subsidized housing
  • Tribal lands rent assistance.
  • Rural rental assistance for eligible households

There are programs set up all across the country in every state. To find more information on the different programs, head to the HUD’s official website to find rent programs in your state.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF provides all kinds of financial assistance for eligible households and families that are struggling. Including rent assistance, the program can provide food assistance, help with utility bills, and more. Keep in mind that income minimums may be necessary to qualify.

Covid-19 Assistance Programs

The pandemic left many Americans struggling to make Mortgage payments and rent payments. Many assistance programs were set up during the initial outbreak and continue to be in place and updated. 

Following the pandemic, the government established the federal emergency rental assistance (ERA) program. You can apply for the ERA program in your local area. They can help with rent, utility payments, home energy costs, and moving expenses if you qualify.

Finding Emergency Rental Assistance Program Through Non-profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations are out there that can provide help with rental assistance: 

Community Action Agencies

Community action agencies are non-profits that are available across different communities.

The American Red Cross for Rental Assistance

The American Red Cross can help individuals and families with housing help if natural disasters impact them.

The Salvation Army Family and Emergency Services for Renters

The salvation army can help support individuals and families to pay for basic human needs. Along with rent payments, the Salvation Army Family and Emergency Services help with heating, electric bills, food, clothing, counseling, cover moving expenses, and utility bills.

The United Way for Rental Assistance

The United Way can assist struggling renters themselves, and can help you get safely connected with other local assistance programs.

Religious Organizations for Rental Assistance

Religious organizations often have charities set up to help communities. Start your search online to find contact information for these organizations.

Talking to Your Landlord

If you cannot pay your rent funds for a month or need to make a late payment, it may be worthwhile to talk to your landlord. Suppose you have been a good renter and have lived in your rental for a long time. In that case, your landlord may be open to offering an extension and accepting a late rent payment with late fees.

Know Your Rights as a Renter/ Tenant

Renters have rights, and it is essential to know them. Although each state works a little differently, here are some of the basics:

  1. A landlord is required to provide eviction notices before taking action against renters and rental properties.
  2. Renters have the right to privacy on the property they are renting. And so, a landlord must contact you before coming into your home.
  3. Your landlord will have to ensure that the rental spaces meet basic living standards, such as having heat: utilities, water, and proper safety measures.
  4. Security deposits must be returned to tenants at the end of the lease unless there are repairs.

Get Started With the Rental Assistance That You Need

If you face a short-term financial emergency and cannot pay rent, financial options like loans can work. There are loans for instant cash, even for bad credit, available online, through a bank, or credit union.

For those renters who are struggling long-term, there are assistance programs out there.

Whatever the situation, getting help as soon as possible is vital to your financial health.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

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