Washer and dryer financing for bad credit

By Matt Mayerle
Modified on May 9, 2023
washer and dryer financing for bad credit

Paying to do your laundry every month can be a hassle. And if you’re doing laundry for your entire family, these expenses can certainly add up. But buying new appliances like a washer and dryer is an expensive endeavor. And if you have bad credit you may be wondering if you’ll be able to afford it without a personal loan. This is exactly why CreditNinja wants to help you find washer and dryer financing for bad credit

Can You Pay Monthly for a Washer and Dryer with Bad Credit?

Like with many other purchases, there are a lot of options available for financing your new washer and dryer combo. Financing simply means that the store provides you with the appliance and you pay for it over time.

Most appliance stores offer financing options, but the specific details, interest rates, and terms will depend on the store. If you’re in need of a washer and dryer, and you can’t afford to pay for it upfront, make sure you’re prepared to do plenty of research to find the best financing option for you. 

One recommendation we have is to save up for your purchase, so you can avoid financing altogether. This would be the only way to be 100% sure that you won’t pay any interest or unnecessary fees. Consider setting aside a little bit of cash every month until you have enough to buy it outright. 

No Credit Check Appliances

During your shopping and research phase, you may come across the term “no credit check” financing. This means pretty much what it sounds like—the store offers you financing for your appliance without running a credit check

With many loans and financing options, a good rule of thumb is to avoid “no credit check” lenders. Credible lenders generally need to run credit checks in order to confirm you’re trustworthy. If they aren’t running those checks then it could potentially be a sign of an untrustworthy lender. 

If a lender isn’t concerned with your credit score, it could mean that they rely on their customers failing to make payments. In this way, they can add fees, late charges, and more interest over time. 

Buy Now Pay Later Appliances

Getting an offer to buy now and pay later means just that—you get to take the appliance home and there’s a set amount of time where you won’t make payments. You may get this offer from a store, but there are also a lot of apps that allow people to buy now pay later. 

Using a BNPL program can be beneficial. For example, if there’s no interest accruing during the period where you’re not making payments, then it may be worth it. That is if you can pay off the item before interest starts to accrue.1 

Make sure you’re fully aware of the terms and conditions of any offer like this when looking for washer and dryer financing for bad credit. If the interest charges kick in and you haven’t paid off the item, it could cost you a lot of money. That’s why you should always read all of the terms, conditions, and interest rate details. 


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