What can I sell to make money

By Matt Mayerle
Modified on June 6, 2023
what can I sell to make money

Did you know that there are more storage spaces in America than Starbucks locations? The fact that we care more about our junk than our java is a sure sign that we have more than we need. But when you need money fast, it’s time to get creative. So open up that storage locker, climb up to the attic storage or down to the basement and ask yourself: What can I sell to make money? 

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can clear your life—and fill your pocket—by selling your stuff, along with some other money-making ideas. It’s a fast way to make a few bucks while helping you determine what other kinds of financial solutions can improve your life. So if you’re tired of being broke, read on to find out how your can turn your clutter into the extra money you need right now.  

Valuable Stuff You Might Own

To discover what you will sell, you have to go through your things and decide what to keep and what to sell. It’s easy to think that you don’t have anything worth selling. But if you look closer, you may discover some of your old stuff is the treasure someone has been searching for. Here are some examples:


One of the most incredible things about vintage clothing is that everyone can own it. All it takes is a couple of decades to turn some of your old clothes into quick cash. It will take some time and research, but dozens of online resale shops are looking for items. Get familiar with every site’s profit-sharing policy as you’re getting started. Selling online may not get you quick cash for your clothes. However, when you find the right partner making money online by selling your old clothes can provide a windfall when you need it. 

Old Books 

If you have a bunch of old books gathering dust on your shelves, there’s a chance someone is out there looking for them! Used bookstores will buy books from you at far less than their retail value, so don’t expect any particular book to get you a hefty profit (especially college textbooks). Quantity is essential in netting decent money from old books, so try to sell as many as you can at once if you need money quickly.  

VHS Tapes

The Video Home System dominated the entertainment systems of the 80s and 90s. And if your VHS tape collection survived the DVD era, you can turn them into cash. How much money you make on your old tapes depends on their popularity and scarcity. Limited editions of famous movies or limited releases of art films can fetch a few dollars online.  

Vinyl Records

The recording process for vinyl records is known for capturing warmth and depth to the music that CDs or digital streaming can’t capture. Quickly phased out of mass production with the arrival of compact discs (CDs), vinyl records are making a comeback as a niche market. That means people are hunting for some of the biggest albums in history again. If there was ever a time to be happy about holding onto your uncle’s milk crates full of LPs from the 70s and 80s, that time is now. 

Go online and research the going rates for the album titles in your collection. The fastest way to get spare cash for your records is to take them to a local record store. Many independent (indie) music stores always look for in-demand titles to stock their shelves. Just be sure not to skip your research if you need to haggle with the shop at a selling price.  

Where Can I Sell My Stuff? 

With the correct items and a good amount of hustle, you can turn the junk you don’t want into the extra money you need. Use some of these selling tools to move your old stuff. Where you sell may depend on what you sell.


This website is the DIY retailer that started it all. If you have sought-after items, they will sell quickly on eBay. Established sellers list items for a specific price or hold an online auction to drive profits. The best eBay sellers take great care in presenting their items with great photos and good descriptions. Consider using eBay if you’re going to sell many items over some time. 

Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is a platform where you buy and sell goods and other Facebook users. It is a great place to sell old items that you no longer need quickly. Buyers and sellers can decide delivery and payment methods themselves. Facebook Marketplace is free to use, so every dollar you make on the platform is yours! 

If you’re thinking about making extra money on Facebook, follow these tips as a guide for your first few sales in its easy-to-use online marketplace: 

  • Pick an item that people are likely to buy. Furniture, toys, and fitness equipment are regular top sellers on Facebook Marketplace.  
  • Take high-quality photos of your product and write an interesting description about it. Include the price in the post as well. 
  • If you’re shipping, make sure that you have a tracking number and insurance on your package so that people know they can trust buying from you.   

Marketplace sellers routinely share information about their sales with friends in their Facebook groups to punch up their numbers. Additionally, as a seller, you can purchase Facebook advertising to appear in other users’ feeds. If you have some precious items, the advertising investment may be worth it to reach your ideal buyers. 

Yard Sale 

Don’t want to sell online? Don’t worry; people are still making money on their front lawns with yard sales. Although they have not strayed from their flea market feel, yard sales are even better thanks to a couple of technical touches. Payment apps and QR codes can turn your phone into a POS register that takes e-payments. Additionally, many community organizations sponsor neighborhood-wide yard sales, which increase potential customers and more money-making opportunities. To get the most out of your sale, try using these popular tips: 

  • Clean your items to make sure that they are looking their best. 
  • Mention some of your “big ticket” items (small appliances, designer clothes, etc.) in all of your yard sale advertisements.
  • Put oversized items in the center of the yard, and draw attention to the back with a table of jewelry or gadgets that catch the sun. 
  • Discourage haggling by posting a simple price list before the sale begins. 

Aside from the time you need to prepare your items and get the word out, it takes little to no money to put on yard sales and make extra money. 

Consignment Shops 

Let’s say that haggling with your neighbors in your yard over the price of your juicer isn’t your idea of a good time, even if you need money fast. Fortunately, consignment shops can do the hard work of dealing with customers for you. Consignment shops put your items on their shelves and sell them. You share the profits of any sale with the shop. The higher the quality and demand for your items, the more money you make. 

Create Your Own Online Store 

When we used to think about online stores a few years ago, only the big names like eBay and Amazon came up. Today, anyone can set up an e-commerce store with a smartphone and an internet connection. There is a lot of money to be made in selling products online, and you can get your share by selling items on your own website. Our preference and dependency on online shopping since 2020 have rapidly increased and show no signs of slowing. So if you love being a digital retailer, an online store could become a great way to earn passive income.  

Sell Your Skills: Make Extra Money Online 

You might think that making money online these days is only for social media influencers. However, anyone with a marketable skill can earn extra money online. Here are some popular online side hustles:  

Freelance Writing

Many writers make a living by providing words for everything from print ads to popcorn maker instructions. Freelance writers move from project to project, searching for jobs that appeal to their interests and experiences. 

Online Tutoring 

Online tutors working on their own make around $30 per hour. A tutor’s rate increases according to the difficulty of the subject matter. Rates can also increase if the student must prep for a major exam, like the SAT or ACT. Teleconferencing technology makes it easier for students and tutors to connect across the world. This advancement has increased the demand for online course tutoring in recent years. 

Personal Loans: Another Way To Get Money Fast  

When you wonder, “What can I sell to make money,” the answer isn’t “everything.” But, there are expenses too big to be covered by what you can sell online. If you’re thinking about getting a cash advance to help solve your money problem, know that there are some safer alternatives. There are personal installment loans for people that need money now. And many approved loans deposit straight into customers’ bank accounts, often in as little as one day. If your money-making ideas need the boost of a personal loan, consider applying for one today.


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