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Wrapping your vehicle is precisely what it sounds like—getting your car covered in a vinyl sticker. All kinds of companies and products may want to use a car wrap, and you have probably seen one before. In most cases, a car wrap will have the company’s logo, information on the product or service they are offering, and some kind of graphic. There are over 7 million vehicles with car wraps throughout the globe.1 

Many companies will pay a good amount of money if you wrap your car—the average monthly payment being $100 to $500, up to $1000. 

Need money fast and looking for ways to get some extra cash each month? If you have a vehicle, your instinct may be to sell it to get extra cash. Instead of considering selling your car, consider using it to make money. Wrapping your car could be the perfect solution if you don’t have the time and energy it takes for a side job. Getting a vinyl wrap may even help you finance a car when you have no job

Not sure how to get started? Below is everything you need to know about wrapping your car for money. 

What Are the Requirements for Getting a Car Wrapped?

There are some basics requirements to get paid to get your car wrapped; here are some things to keep in mind for eligibility: 

  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • Be at least 18 years old and have a social security number
  • You need to live and work in the city you are advertising in
  • Have valid car insurance
  • You must own the car you are driving.Your vehicle must be in working and road-safe condition
  • You should have a pretty clean driving record and pass a background check
  • Your vehicle may need to be a specific year or newer (usually 2008 or 2010)

In addition to some of these basic requirements, there are some other things to consider. You may need to drive for a minimum number of miles each day and most of these companies will need to track your location and mileage. And so, you need to be comfortable with all of these things if you want to wrap your car for money. 

How Long Will a Wrap Stay On When I Wrap My Car?

Most businesses pursuing car wrap advertising will ask for at least a few months of their ad on your vehicle. In some cases, they may even ask for a year or longer. Before you agree to anything, they will let you know about the advertisement’s length. 

Do I Get To Choose the Advertisement When I Wrap My Car? 

Some companies will give you different options of what you can have on your vehicle wrap; however, you will not get any say in most cases. One thing you can choose is the size of the decal/vinyl that goes onto your car; here are the three sizes you can choose from: 

  • Panel Wraps — Panel wraps are the smallest option and are usually a small decal that will go onto one side of your car. If you want to stick with a panel wrap, you will still get paid, but it will be less than partial or full wraps. 
  • Partial Wraps — Partial wraps will take over one significant part of your car. This can be the hood, one side of the car, the back of your vehicle, etc.
  • Full Wraps — Full wraps will cover your entire vehicle, and therefore you will get the most money for your car wrap. 

Can I Drive for Uber or Lyft With a Car Wrap?

Ridesharing is another way to supplement your income with your vehicle. However, if you get your car wrapped both Uber and Lyft will not allow you to drive for them for their companies. If you have a secondary vehicle that isn’t wrapped you can definitely use that for rideshare work! 

How Does the Wrapping Process Work and How Long Does It Take? 

There are a few ways you can get your car wrapped. You can head to a professional service provider or do it yourself. Going to a professional is always the best choice when working with a large or full-sized car wrap and the wrapping company will take care of the costs. 

Depending on the size of your vehicle and the size of the wrap you are looking to get, the process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours. The good news is that all you have to do is drop off your vehicle and pick it up once complete. 

Are Vinyl Wraps Safe for My Paintjob?

When you need to remove the car vinyl wrap, you should go back to the same place that had it installed. Car wrapping does tend to be safe for vehicles, and when done by a professional, it should not leave any damage to the original paint job of your car. 

How Can I Find Car Wrap Companies That Will Pay Me to Wrap My Car?

If you are trying to wrap your car for the money, you may be wondering where you can get started. A few well-known car wrapping companies include Wrapify, Free Car Media, and Carvertise. These companies help connect you with businesses looking to advertise via a car wrap in your area. Using car wrap companies can make finding a business easier for you and help you avoid scams—which is a considerable concern with this kind of advertising.

To get started with these types of companies, you will have to fill out a basic application to be a part of their database. They will contact you when they find a company that wants to work in your area with your car. This process may take anywhere between a few days to a few months, depending on how quickly they can find an advertiser that wants to work in your area and background checks for things like driving habits. You will see more options if you are flexible with the wrap size you are willing to have. Here are some of the basics of how these car wrap companies work: 


Wrapify offers an app that you can download after getting your car wrapped. The amount you will get paid can change depending on how much you drive and what areas you drive. And so, you have the potential to earn even more than the base rate. With Wrapify full coverage could mean earning $264 – $452, partial $196 – $280 and panel wraps $181 – $280. 

Free Car Media 

Free Car Media is the best car wrap advertising company option if you don’t want to cover your entire car. Although they do have options that include full wraps. Free Car Media offers complimentary re-application for their longer advertising campaigns. You could earn up to $400 a month with them.


Carvertise is the largest nationwide car wrap advertising company. In addition to working with smaller brands, Carvertise works with larger corporations for all sorts of campaigns. If you are short on time, you want to start your search with them. Another huge advantage with Carvertise is that you may get a say in what kinds of companies will be advertised on your vehicle. According to their website, you can earn anywhere between $450 – $1500 a month. 

All three of these car advertising companies are a great place to start your inquiries about car wrapping. However, if you want to work with other companies or find advertisers on your own, there are some things to look out for to ensure you are working with legit companies.

Ensuring You Are Inquiring for a Vehicle Wrap With a Legitimate Car Advertising Company 

Unfortunately, there are many car wrap scams out there, and because most of these scams are online, it can be a little challenging to figure out which businesses are legitimate companies and which are not. However, there are a few red flags you can look out for: 

  • Legitimate car advertising companies will have a profile with the better business bureau. If the business you are inquiring about doesn’t have a profile, it may be a part of car wrap scams.
  • Loan wrap scams will often include asking you to wire money or deposit a check. Sometimes this may be disguised as a fee; however, a legitimate business will not ask for this. 
  • Another red flag to look out for is if they do not check things like car insurance or ask about a valid driver’s license. 
  • Scammers may also be in it to phish for your personal information, so it is crucial to ensure that a place is a legitimate business before giving them any of your sensitive information.

Potential Pros and Cons of Vehicle Wraps

Before you fully commit to a vinyl wrap, consider the potential pros and cons. 

Pros of a Vinyl Wrap

Some benefits of vehicle wraps when you wrap a car include: 

Additional Income

One of the most attractive benefits of wrapping your car for advertising is the opportunity to earn extra money without significant effort. For many, this passive income can help cover car-related expenses such as fuel and maintenance.

Protecting the Vehicle’s Exterior

Vinyl wraps act as a protective layer over your car’s original paintwork. They help guard the vehicle against minor scratches, chips, and weather elements, which can be particularly beneficial in maintaining the car’s aesthetic appeal.


Car wraps come in various designs and colors, allowing for customization. This means that you can have a say in the appearance of your vehicle, choosing a wrap that aligns with your preferences and style, as long as it meets the advertiser’s approval.

Temporary Transformation

Wrapping is not a permanent alteration. If you wish to revert to the car’s original look or update the advertisement, the wrap can be removed without causing damage to the underlying paint, given that it’s done professionally.

Resale Value

Since wraps protect the original paint, they can indirectly maintain or even enhance the vehicle’s resale value. A car with well-preserved paint is likely to attract more buyers and command a higher selling price.

Cons of a Vinyl Wrap

Some potential disadvantages you may encounter with vehicle wraps when you wrap a car include: 

Contractual Obligations

When you agree to wrap your car for money, you enter into a contract that usually comes with specific obligations. These might include the duration the vinyl wrap must stay on, the condition in which it must be kept, and possibly even where and how often you should drive.

Limited Control Over Advertisements

While you might have some say in the design or color of the vinyl wrap, you may have limited control over the content of the advertisement. This could mean promoting a product or service that you don’t personally use or endorse.

Maintenance Requirements

Car wraps require maintenance to keep them in good condition. This includes regular cleaning to remove dirt and grime. Some wraps might also be sensitive to certain cleaning agents or methods, necessitating extra care during maintenance.

Potential for Damage During Removal

If not removed carefully and professionally, there’s a risk of damaging the car’s paint during the vinyl wrap removal process. This could incur additional costs for paint correction or repair.

Public Perception

Having your car wrapped in advertisements might influence how others perceive you. It could lead to unsolicited attention or comments, and not everyone might find the concept appealing or professional.

Wear and Tear

Over time, the wrap might show signs of wear and tear, such as fading, peeling, or bubbling. This not only affects the vehicle’s appearance but might also necessitate early removal or replacement of the vinyl wrap.

What To Expect When You Wrap a Car 

Initial Preparation Before you wrap a car, ensure that the underlying pain job is clean and free from any minor scratches.
Design Selection Choosing a custom design offers endless possibilities, allowing for personal or advertiser preferences. 
Installation Process Professional installation typically involves the use of a heat gun to ensure the vinyl wrap adheres properly to the paint job, minimizing air bubbles. 
Maintenance Regular car wash is necessary. However, avoid a high-pressure car wash to maintain the wrap’s integrity. 
Durability Vehicle wraps protect the underlying paint job from minor scratches and weather elements. 
Detailing Extra material is often used to tuck into the car’s crevasses, ensuring a seamless appearance. 
Resale Value A well-maintained vinyl wrap can enhance the resale value by protecting the underlying paint job. 
Removal Removal should be done carefully, preferably by processionals, to avoid damaging the underlying paint. 

FAQ: Car Wraps

What materials are commonly used in the paint job for car wraps?

Car wraps are primarily made from vinyl wraps. Special types like carbon fiber vinyl are used for a luxurious appearance, and chrome wraps are available for a metallic look. A heat gun is also typically used to adhere the vinyl wrap to the vehicle. 

Can car wraps be applied to any part of the vehicle?

Yes, car wraps can be applied to almost any paint surface of the vehicle. Full car wraps cover the entire exterior, while partial wraps or vinyl decals might be applied to specific sections.

How does the condition of the car’s paint affect the wrapping process?

A smooth, undamaged paint surface is ideal for car wraps. Chipped paint or uneven surfaces may affect the adherence of the vinyl and the overall appearance of the wrapped vehicle.

How does the weather affect the application of vehicle wraps?

A heat gun is often used in the application process to ensure that the vinyl wrap adheres properly. Extreme cold or heat can affect the process, so it’s usually done in a controlled environment.

Can I wrap a car and wash it regularly?

Yes, a wrapped vehicle can go through a car wash. However, it’s advisable to use gentle cleaning methods to maintain the vehicle wraps’ integrity and appearance.

What types of designs are available for vehicle wraps?

There are various designs available, from simple vinyl lettering for business information to full-color vinyl wrapping that transforms the vehicle’s appearance.

How do vehicle wraps affect luxury cars differently?

Luxury cars often benefit from custom vehicle wraps like carbon fiber or chrome wraps, enhancing the vehicle’s luxurious appearance.

How durable are car wraps on a vehicle?

Car wraps are quite durable, protecting the car’s paint from minor abrasions and UV rays. However, they are not invulnerable to damage from sharp objects or high-impact collisions.

Can a wrapped car be unwrapped?

Yes, a wrapped car can be unwrapped. Most car wraps are designed to be removable, allowing for changes in design or returning the vehicle to its original appearance.

Does the color of the car’s paint affect the outcome of the wrap?

The original color of the car’s paint may show at seams or edges, but generally, full car wraps can completely transform the vehicle’s appearance.

What should be considered when choosing a design for car wraps?

Consider the vehicle’s shape and size, desired visibility, and how the design complements the vehicle’s appearance when choosing a vinyl wrap design.

How do car wraps compare to a paint job in terms of cost and flexibility?

Car wraps are generally less expensive and more flexible than a full paint job. It allows for creativity and easy updates or removal without affecting the original paint surface.

A Word From CreditNinja Regarding Car Wraps

Getting a car wrap can be a great way to make some extra cash without much effort, or having to go into debt with options such as payday loans or using lines of credit, like credit cards. And if you commute a lot and live in a busy area, you could earn up to $1000 with the right company! There are some basic requirements like your age, vehicle make, and minimum travel distance. CreditNinja also encourages anybody thinking about wrapping their car to consider how much of your car you want wrapped and ensure you are comfortable not knowing about the advertising campaign until it is on your vehicle. And finally, educate yourself on car wrap scams so you can avoid them as you search for a company or advertiser you want to work with!

Check out the helpful CreditNinja blog dojo for more information on budgeting, installment loans, bad credit loans, how you can make money, and more! 


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