Can you get a personal loan completely online?

You can get a personal loan completely online! However, you must meet the qualification requirements set by the lender.

An online personal loan works just like a traditional one, but every step of the process is done online. When you need emergency cash, you can submit an online application to get a $1,500 loan. You will have to submit basic personal information and your desired loan amount.  

To complete the approval process, a lender has to receive documentation to verify your information. Normally, you would hand over your paperwork in person to an agent. But you can submit your documents online to get a personal loan right from home!

You can expect most online lenders to ask for proof of identification, residence, and income. However, the exact documents you need to provide to get a personal loan completely online vary depending on the lender you work with.

Your lender needs clear images of your documents. If you have access to a scanning printer, you can scan the front and back of your documents onto your computer. Once you have the downloaded files of your paperwork, you can securely upload them to your online account. You can also choose to take images using your smartphone! Place your documents on a flat surface and take the photos in bright light. Ensure the entire document is within the frame and that the print is clearly readable. Once satisfied with your images, you can then upload them online. 

After a lender verifies your information, you can get your personal loan money! Online loans typically provide funds through a direct deposit, which means you can get fast cash in your bank account in as little as one business day! To receive your direct deposit, you will need to provide the lender with your bank name, routing number, and account number. Verify your bank information is correct to avoid issues, such as receiving your money later than you wanted.  

Online personal loans are a great option for people who value convenience, speed, and accessibility. If you need emergency cash to cover upcoming bills or a large expense, know that online personal loans provide flexible requirements and loan terms!

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