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A 506 is considered a poor credit score. This credit score can make it challenging to gain financial agency. The good news is that you can approve your credit score. Continue reading to learn more about the ins and outs of a 5016 credit score and tips to improve!

People may have a 506 credit score due to things like missed or late payments, past bankruptcies, defaults, collection accounts, and other negative financial actions with your credit accounts. A 506 credit score will look like a risk to lenders, making borrowing money challenging. 

Key Takeaways for a 506 Credit Score

Overview of Your
Credit Rating

A 506 score falls in the poor credit score range. Having this credit score will make finances challenging.

Borrowing Options With a
506 Credit Score

Your borrowing options with a 506 credit score will be limited, with only a handful of loan options that may work.

Improving a 506
Credit/FICO Score

Improving a poor credit score is definitely possible, and even with small steps, you could see improvement.

Is a 506 Credit Score Good?

No, a 506 credit score is not a good credit score; it is considered a poor credit score. Fortunately, when you are in this range of credit, even small steps can help your score!

What Can You Get Approved for With a 506 Credit Score?

Finding funding with a 506 credit score will be tough, however, with the right terms, lender, and sometimes the help with a third-party you may be able to find a loan option or credit card. Below are some common borrowing options:

Personal Loans

Personal loans come in several different forms, and there may be options for those with poor credit history with the right lender. When looking for a personal loan with bad credit, online lenders are usually your best bet for this type of installment credit. 

Bank Loans

With poor credit scores, you will likely have trouble getting approval with a bank loan option. Banks usually have strict credit score requirements, and unfavorable credit will usually mean denial unless you have a cosigner with good credit. 

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be versatile, and there are several options out there. Because of this variety and abundance, you may be able to find a credit card even with a 506 score. However, the credit limit will likely be low and interest rates high. Here are some credit card options for bad credit: 

  • Mission Lane Visa® Credit Card
  • Avant Credit Card
  • Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • Prosper® Card
  • Destiny Mastercard®
  • Tomo Credit Card
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa®

Car Loans

You may be able to secure a car loan with bad credit with the right lender and by increasing the amount for the down payment

Products To Help Improve a 506 Credit Score

Let’s get into the different products out there that can help you increase your average credit score. 

Budgeting Apps

Budgeting apps can help you keep track of your income and expenses. They can be an important tool when trying to improve your credit. Because if you really think about it your credit scores are impacted by your actions with your money, and having control over that can help you take charge of your credit. 


The most impactful factor on your credit is your payment history, so making on-time payments for your debt accounts is crucial. Automating those payments can really help you stay on top of your monthly payments. Here are some ways to set up automation:

Method of Automation


Creditor’s App/Website/Phone

Sign up for auto-pay directly with your creditor through their app, website, or over the phone.

Third-Party Budgeting App

Utilize a third-party budgeting app that offers the ability to set up automatic payments to creditors.

Auto-Pay from a Bank Account

Set up automatic payments directly from your bank account to the creditor.

Help From a Credit Counselor 

A financial counselor can help you organize your finances and tackle specific goals, such as improving your credit. If you have no idea where to start with your credit or money, a financial counselor can help! Just make sure you do your research. 

Benefits of Improving Your 506 Credit Score

Here are some benefits that can come with improving a credit score:

More Borrowing Options 

When you move to even a fair range of credit scores, you’ll have more borrowing opportunities. This can be extremely helpful when you need emergency funding and want something that fits your finances well. 

Low Cost of Borrowing Funds

A higher credit score will mean lower borrowing costs with almost every loan option. This could save you hundreds and even sometimes thousands, depending on the loan that you borrow! 

An Easier Time Acquiring Assets

A higher credit score will make it easier to purchase things like a home, a car, a boat, and more. All of these can be valuable assets and one way to build your assets!

How To Improve Your 506 Credit Score

There are several ways to go about improving your score; the good news is that when you are starting in the low range, almost every strategy may help your credit scores. Here are some tips:

Make On-Time Debt Payment a Priority

The best thing you can do for your credit scores is to prioritize timely payments. This may be tricky when you have multiple credit accounts, but is essential to improve your credit history and average credit score. 

Avoid Unnecessary Debt

Having too much debt is a common problem for many Americans; in fact, household debt for Americans rose to an average of $17.06 trillion in the second quarter of 2023.1 When trying to improve your credit score, it’s essential to avoid unnecessary debt, so it doesn’t become overwhelming and leave you unable to take care of your credit scores. 

Decrease Your Credit Utilization

Having your credit utilization under 30% will help your average credit score. You can reduce it by paying off debts and keeping your credit limits high/open. 

FAQs About 506 Credit Scores

To correct errors, such as late or missed payments on your credit report, request reports from the credit bureaus, identify inaccuracies, and dispute them directly with the bureau. Rectifying these mistakes on your credit reports can help improve your credit.

A secured credit card requires a deposit and helps build your credit by demonstrating responsible credit use. Responsible usage with this credit account is reported to credit bureaus, positively affecting your score.

Credit mix shows your ability to manage different types of credit accounts. A diverse mix can positively impact your credit, demonstrating responsible credit management to credit bureaus.

What Interest Rate Can I Get With a 506 Credit Score?

With a 506 credit score, you will have very high interest rates across the board, whether you are looking at unsecured loans or secured loans

Can I Buy a House With a 506 Credit Score?

With a poor credit score, buying a house will be tough. Credit history is a large part of the home buying process, and lenders will pull your credit reports from the national credit bureaus and take a close look. Although some mortgage options, such as an FHA loan, are more flexible with credit score requirements, chances are you will need to improve your credit to purchase a home. 

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