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A 788 credit score is very good, which is even better than good. 

Lenders consider borrowers with credit scores between 740 and 799 to be very dependable and low risk. 

Borrowers with very good credit scores can generally expect quick funding at reasonable rates. Consumers can obtain excellent credit by continuing to responsibly manage their finances.

Key Takeaways for a 788 Credit Score

Overview of Your
Credit Rating

A 788 credit score is better than good. Borrowers in this credit category generally have low debt and a good payment history.

Borrowing Options With a
788 Credit Score

You can qualify for almost any loan or credit card if you have a very good credit score. Lenders are likely to offer the best rates and terms.

Maintaining a 788
Credit/FICO Score

You can maintain your current FICO Score by continuing to pay monthly payments on time and reducing your personal debt.

Is a 788 Credit Score Good?

A 788 credit score falls within the very good category of FICO Scores. Borrowers who fall within the very good credit rating have better credit than the average American consumer. Experian reports that the average credit score was 716 for the second quarter of 2023.

What Can You Get Approved for With a 788 Credit Score?

These are a few loan options for borrowers with a 788 score:

Personal Loans

Borrowers with very good credit scores can qualify for most personal loan options. Personal loans are quick cash loans and can be used for almost any emergency situation. If you have a good credit history, you may be eligible to borrow anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand from an online lender

Bank Loans

Banks generally require good credit for qualification. If your FICO Score is better than the average credit score, you may experience an easy approval process. Banks can provide installment loans up to several thousand dollars in funding at decent rates. 

Credit Cards

If you have a proven track record of very good credit, you could qualify for one of these popular credit card options:

  • Best for Travel: American Express® Gold Card
  • Best 0% APR Period: Citi Simplicity® Card
  • Best for Cash Back: Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card
  • Best for Rewards: Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • Best for Luxury Perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Auto Loans

Borrowers with a score above the average credit score can get decent rates on auto loans. According to US News, credit scores higher than 750 can generally expect a 13.91% rate on new cars and a 14.16% rate on used cars.² 

Products To Help Maintain a 788 Credit Score

Here are a few products that can help you maintain your very good credit score:

Credit Monitoring 

You can maintain your good credit history by monitoring your different credit scores regularly. Credit monitoring can help you spot errors on your credit report or early signs of fraudulent activity. The most popular credit monitoring services include Credit Karma, Privacy Guard, and Aura. 

Budgeting Apps

Using a budgeting app can help you avoid decreasing your 788 score down to an average credit score. There are plenty of options to choose from, but these are 3 of the most popular mobile apps:


YNAB (You Need A Budget)




$14.99/month or $98.99/year

Free, with a Plus version at $7.99/month or $79.99/year

Free version available; Plus version at $129.99/year

Key Features

– Zero-based budgeting method

– Detailed reporting and forecasting

– Goal tracking

– Identifies recurring bills and income

– Finds savings opportunities

– Tracks spending in real-time

– Zero-based budgeting

– Expense tracking

– Access to financial planning with Plus version

User Ratings

Highly positive; users love the detailed budgeting approach but some find it pricey

Mixed to positive; great for tracking spending but some desire more features in the free version

Positive; users appreciate the simplicity but some desire more features without upgrading

Automatic Payments

When you sign up for automatic payments, your monthly bill amount is automatically deducted from your preferred payment method. Late payments can end up on credit reports and negatively impact credit scores. However, the autopay feature makes it easy to avoid late payments that can decrease credit scores.   

Benefits of a 788 Credit Score

Borrowers with higher credit scores can receive these benefits:

Lower Rates

If you have very good credit, you could get lower rates on loans, credit cards, and insurance plans. A low interest rate can greatly reduce the cost of borrowing funds and monthly payment amounts. 

Better Credit Card Offers

The best credit cards offer low rates, higher credit limits, and incredible rewards. However, these types of credit cards are usually reserved for borrowers with good credit. If you want to open a new rewards credit account, consider whether you want to receive points, cash back, or travel miles. 

Higher Loans and Credit Limits

You can get higher loans and credit limits with a very good score! But remember that even though you qualify for more money, it’s in your best interest to avoid borrowing more than you need. 

How To Maintain Your 788 Credit Score

Here are a few tips to maintain your very good credit rating:

Reduce Your Credit Card Debt

Reducing the balances on your credit accounts can help you maintain and even improve your 788 score. You can quickly pay off your outstanding debt by paying more than the minimum each month or making more than one monthly payment. 

Become an Authorized User

Authorized users are consumers who are added to an existing credit account. If the primary borrower maintains a good credit history, the authorized user can benefit from their financial activity and increase their credit score. 

Avoid Missed Payments 

Missed payments can decrease your 788 credit rating. Monthly payments that are more than 30 days late can even appear on your credit report. To maintain your score, ensure you pay all of your monthly bills on time. 

FAQs About 788 Credit Scores

Your credit limit can significantly impact your credit score through your utilization rate. Keeping your credit utilization low, ideally below 30%, can help maintain or improve your 788 score.

Yes, a diverse credit mix can positively affect your credit score. Lenders like to see that you can handle various types of credit responsibly. This means having a mix of revolving credit (like credit cards) and installment loans (such as auto loans or mortgages).

Beyond payment history and credit utilization, other factors can impact your credit score. These include the length of your financial history, new credit inquiries, and the diversity of your credit accounts.

What Interest Rate Can I Get With a 788 Credit Score?

You can generally expect to get low interest rates with a 788 FICO Score. This type of score shows lenders that you are low risk and have an established history of responsible financial management. 

Can I Buy a House With a 788 Credit Score?

Borrowers with very good credit can usually qualify for conventional loans, which offer higher loan limits, better rates, and flexible private mortgage insurance (PMI) requirements. 

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