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A 799 credit score is a fantastic credit score to have!

Being a part of the “very good” credit category, consumers with a 799 credit score are usually labeled as financially responsible individuals.

What’s even better is with just one more point of improvement, you’ll be sitting at the top of the credit score ranges in the “excellent” category!

Key Takeaways for a 799 Credit Score

Overview of Your
Credit Rating

799 is at the very top of the “very good” credit range. Just one more point, and you’re in the “excellent” range!

Borrowing Options With a
799 Credit Score

Getting approved for most borrowing options should be pretty straightforward. But remember to borrow responsibly!

Maintaining a 799
Credit/FICO Score

Keeping a pristine payment history, avoiding “bad debts” like payday loans, and keeping your credit utilization low will help maintain your score.

Is a 799 Credit Score Good?

Yes, it is! 799 is a very good credit score. According to Experian, 25% of consumers have a FICO score in the “very good” range.1 If you have a 799 credit score, you should be proud. Building such a strong credit record takes time and a lot of financial responsibility, so good for you!

What Can You Get Approved for With a 799 Credit Score?

You should be able to get approved for just about any loan or credit card you want when you have great FICO credit scores. Some products you may consider are: 

Personal Loans

A personal loan is a type of installment loan, which means borrowers receive their loan in one lump sum and pay it back in equal monthly installments. Personal loans are available in either high or low loan amounts, making them ideal for a wide variety of expenses. 

Like most financial institutions, direct lenders for personal loans usually favor borrowers with higher credit scores. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting approval for your desired loan product when you have an excellent credit score like 799. 

Bank Loans

You can also get personal installment loans from a bank. Some of the most popular bank loans come from Chase, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America. Traditionally, banks only extend credit to borrowers with a great credit history, which usually includes people with a good credit score of 799! 

Credit Cards

Revolving credit accounts may also be a viable financial solution, depending on the type of expense. Credit card issuers usually reserve their best credit limit options and interest rates for consumers with the best credit scores. 

Just make sure to pay off your credit card balance in full as often as possible to avoid extra interest rate charges and accumulating annoying credit card debt.  

Car Loans

Car loans are secured loans used to purchase a new or used vehicle. With a really good credit score of 799, you should be able to get a decent deal on most auto loans. Dealerships, banks, and other private lenders all usually offer auto loan products. 

Cash Advance Loans

Cash advance loans are a type of short-term loan typically used as floater cash while consumers are in between paychecks. However, interest rates on these kinds of loans are known for being extremely high, so you may want to stay away from them to protect your credit scores. Instead, set up a savings account and contribute money to it regularly. That way, when you run into unexpected expenses or need extra cash, you can essentially borrow from yourself instead of relying on quick cash loans

Products to Help Maintain a 799 Credit Score

A few products that can help you maintain higher FICO scores are: 

Professional Monitoring of Your Credit Reports 

Credit monitoring services are an extra layer of security when it comes to reviewing your credit reports and spotting any errors. Each of the three major credit bureaus and some other independent companies offer credit monitoring services. A few of those services include: 

  • Experian IdentityWorks
  • TransUnion Credit Monitoring
  • Equifax Credit Monitor
  • IdentityForce
  • ID Watchdog
  • IdentityIQ

Budgeting Apps

Budgeting apps are an easy and accessible way to track your spending and expenses with little to no effort on your part. Some popular apps include: 

  • Empower Personal Wealth
  • YNAB (You Need a Budget)
  • PocketGuard 
  • Honeydue
  • EveryDollar 

Benefits of a 799 Credit Score

When you have a great credit history, you can enjoy some awesome benefits. Some of those benefits include: 

  • Quick approval on loans and credit cards 
  • Surprise credit limit increases on credit cards 
  • Higher loan amounts 
  • Lower interest rates 
  • Special rates on insurance 

How to Maintain Your 799 Score

Protect your credit scores by keeping your credit report in tip-top shape. Here are some tips that may help: 

  • Check your free credit score regularly, at least a few times a year 
  • Keep up with your payment history (this is the most important!) 
  • Watch your credit mix and avoid accumulating too many “bad debts” like payday loans 
  • Keep your credit accounts open, even if you don’t use them all the time
  • Prioritize paying off loans and credit card balances ASAP

FAQs About 799 Credit Scores

It’s advisable to check your credit reports at least once a quarter. This frequency ensures you’re aware of any changes that could impact your score, allowing for timely adjustments.

No, checking your own credit score is considered a soft inquiry and does not affect your score. Feel free to monitor your score regularly without worrying about it decreasing due to checks.

Some employers check credit scores as part of their hiring process, especially for positions involving financial responsibility. A high score, like 799, can positively reflect on your reliability and trustworthiness.

What Interest Rate Can I Get With a 799 Credit Score?

Interest rates play a large role in determining the total cost of a loan. While having great credit reports on your side will help you land lower interest rates, it’s not the only factor that affects what kind of rates you’ll get. Lenders look at credit scores, income, assets, current debts, and other financial data when setting interest rates on loans. 

Below is an example repayment schedule of an $800 loan with a 25% APR paid back over the course of 12 months with monthly payments. 


Monthly Payment

Principal Paid

Interest Paid 

Remaining Balance 





























































Disclaimer: This repayment schedule is an estimate, and actual payments may vary based on lender terms and the timing of payments.

Can I Buy a House With a 799 Credit Score?

Buying a home is almost always a lengthy, expensive, and often complicated process. While you may be able to get through the credit approval process for many types of home loans, you’ll still want to research multiple lender options and carefully compare offers before you close on a loan.

Top 5 Resources for a 799 Credit Score

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