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Appleton belongs to three different counties in Wisconsin: Outagamie, Calumet, and Winnebago. It is located in the eastern central part of the state along the Fox River and relatively close to Lake Michigan, and it is the county seat of Outagamie. Based on its population of around 74,600 residents, Appleton is the sixth largest city in Wisconsin.

St. Elizabeth Hospital is the largest employer in Appleton, and other important employers include Thrivent Financial, Appleton Area School District, Miller Electric, ThedaCare Regional Medical Center, Outagamie County, etc. A few important U.S. companies, such as Air Wisconsin or SECURA Insurance, have their headquarters in Appleton.

About 65.7% of Appleton residents are homeowners, and renters usually pay around $780 per month. The median property value in this city is around $140,000, and recently, it’s grown by about 1.6%.

As for income, the average household earns around $56,400 per year, while the median income per capita is around $30,500 per year. There is, however, around 11% of people living in poverty, and the unemployment rate is 2.8%, which is below the U.S. average.

Compared to the cost of living at the national level, living in Appleton is affordable. Groceries, transportation, and utilities have lower indexes than the U.S. average, while only healthcare may cost more than in the rest of the States.

There are many benefits to living in Appleton, Wisconsin, and if you’re considering starting a life there, you may need a little financial push, and a personal loan could be the answer.

what are personal loans?

They are a versatile type of loan that can be used for various purposes. These loans, also called consumer loans, can be taken out for many reasons, including:

  1. You need to repair your car.
  2. You need to replace an appliance that’s broken down.
  3. You want to consolidate your debts.
  4. You have to cover unexpected medical bills.
  5. You are moving to a new home.

The type of loan that you will typically be eligible for depends on multiple factors, including your credit score, financial history, income, etc. If you have had steady employment, regular income, and a good credit score, you are more likely to be approved for an unsecured personal loan. These do not have to be backed with collateral—an asset of yours that your lender can claim as compensation if you cannot pay back the money you owe. Lenders are more likely to approve you for an unsecured loan if they view you as a trustworthy candidate.

If your credit is poor, with an unfavorable credit report, you may be eligible for a secured loan, which you will have to back with collateral. As long as you make your payments on time, your collateral is safe.

personal loan benefits

It is not easy to decide which type of loan is right for your needs. This process takes time and comparisons between different terms, rates, repayment periods, monthly installments, total costs, etc. Here is why a personal loan may be the right choice for you and your budget:

  1. Applying for a personal loan can often be done online. This only takes a couple of minutes and some basic personal information, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. You will usually hear back from the lender quickly, and if your application is approved, you also receive the funds in very little time.1
  2. Personal loans are great for debt consolidation. Having to make multiple payments each month with different interest rates may be confusing, and you may be paying more than if you consolidated your debts. This gives you a chance to simplify your budget and avoid unnecessary interest.
  3. Your credit score may not ruin your financial plans. Past mistakes and financial troubles do not have to mean that you have signed up for eternal debt. Taking out a personal loan can potentially help you take back control of your financial situation.

Why Should You Choose CreditNinja?

Taking out a personal loan at CreditNinja is a simple process aimed at helping you improve your financial situation. Our goal is to support our clients on their way to taking control of their finances.

This is why we offer competitive rates, flexible repayment schedules, and a transparent application process. Our objective is not to trick you into signing up for hidden costs that will emerge later, but to agree to affordable terms for both sides. We let you know about all the costs at the beginning to allow you to take your time to decide if our loans are the best fit for your finances.

Our rates depend on several factors, and while your credit score is not irrelevant, it’s not crucial either. Your application may still be approved based on other elements, so do not hesitate to apply.

If CreditNinja approves your application, the funds will potentially be transferred to your bank account on the next business day.¹ To find out more about our personal loans, contact our customer care team.

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