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With a population of nearly 70,000 residents, Eau Claire is the eighth-largest city in the state of Wisconsin, and it was officially incorporated in 1872. The city’s name comes from the French translation of “Clear Waters” thanks to its close proximity to the Chippewa River.

Eau Claire is part of the Wisconsin Metropolitan Area, and its largest economic activities are healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and retail. The city’s largest employers include the Mayo Clinic Health Care System, Marshfield Clinic, Menards, Nestle USA, and Hutchinson Technology.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Eau Claire is approximately $9.3 billion, and the city is home to nearly 28,000 households. Additionally, its workforce consists of around 38,000 people, with most of them being employed in management, healthcare, education, or business.

The city features three higher education institutions, including the Chippewa Valley Technical College, the Immanuel Lutheran College, and a campus of the University of Wisconsin, which enrolls more than 10,000 students per year.

The city’s median household income is approximately $46,000, and the median property value is around $140,000, which makes Eau Claire an attractive destination for those looking for affordable housing.

Since the median household income in Eau Claire is significantly lower than the state’s average ($59,000), there’s a possibility that residents of the city could potentially benefit from the convenience of fast personal loans (also referred to as installment loans). In certain situations, there are many benefits involved in taking out a personal loan to supplement your income, and here we’ll describe what these loans are, how they can be used, and how you can apply and get approved for one quickly.

What are personal loans?

Personal loans are a convenient option for those looking to fulfill their financial needs in a rush. The typically shorter terms mean that they have fewer requirements than traditional options, such as credit cards and consumer loans.

Individuals typically use personal loans to pay for various expenses, as lenders don’t necessarily require that borrowers disclose how they intend to use the funds. Personal loans can be used to pay for a car repair, to cover cash shortages, or to pay for an expected medical expense.

Personal loans typically come in two primary categories. Those that do not require collateral are known as unsecured loans, and, in those cases, the lender solely relies on the borrower’s creditworthiness. The other category, secured personal loans, require collateral. 

Some of the most common types of personal loans include:

  • Co-Sign Loans: Co-sign loans are a good alternative for individuals with bad credit, as they can bring along a co-signer who can take on the financial commitment in case they fail to pay their installment loan on time. This cosigner usually has a good credit score, which assures the lender that the loan will be paid back if the original borrower fails to do so.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans: If the borrower holds many different credit accounts, a debt consolidation loan can merge all these accounts into one. The funds obtained through the debt consolidation loan can be used to fully pay the rest of the opened accounts, and the borrower ends up paying for one loan only, usually at a lower APR.
  • Payday loans: Nearly 12 million Americans use payday loans as an alternative to supplement their budgets if they are running out of cash. The convenience of a loan that is repaid on payday is mostly based on the fact that they can be obtained much faster compared to other types of loans, even though the cost of borrowing one is usually a bit higher.

Eau Claire Personal Loan Benefits

There are various benefits associated with taking out a personal loan, including the loan’s interest rate, the ease of the application and approval process, and how fast the funds are deposited in the borrower’s bank account. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the key benefits of personal loans:

  • Fewer questions asked: Most traditional loans require borrowers to disclose how they intend to use the funds. In contrast, most personal loans are extended without this requirement, which means that borrowers can use the funds to fulfill various financial needs.
  • Diversifying the credit mix: An individual’s credit score is calculated by evaluating their credit situation. The credit mix is part of this calculation, and, therefore, a personal loan can help individuals in increasing their credit score by diversifying their credit mix.
  • Predictable borrowing costs: State laws require lenders to disclose the total cost of borrowing a personal loan, including its interest rate, fees, and other applicable charges. This means that borrowers can easily understand how much they will be paying on each installment and why.
  • Flexible credit terms: Lenders are usually flexible in defining the credit term of personal loans. Also, these terms don’t usually exceed 12 months.

Why Should You Choose CreditNinja?

CreditNinja offers a wide variety of personal loans for Eau Claire residents looking to fulfill their temporary financial needs. Our application process is fully online and can be completed within minutes, making us a suitable option if you’re looking to improve your financial situation quickly.*

These are some of the key benefits of applying for a personal loan through CreditNinja:

  • Individuals with lower credit scores can feel free to apply, as some of our personal loans are designed specifically for individuals with poor credit.
  • The money from your personal loan is typically deposited within one business day after you’re approved.¹
  • You can contact our customer service team if you have any questions about our personal loans or the process of applying for one.

Residents of Eau Claire can browse through our website for more information about CreditNinja’s personal loans. If you feel you are ready to apply,  click the “Apply Now” button, or you can reach out to us over the phone, and we can answer any questions you may have.

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