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In the CreditNinja Dojo, you’ll gain the knowledge and financial know-how you need to pay down debt, improve your credit score, and finally master your money. We’re here to help you in the following areas:

Personal Finance Basics    

Spending, saving, and budgeting are crucial to becoming financially independent. Understanding these concepts will empower you to make wise financial choices. Our extensive catalog of blogs and glossary terms are devoted to helping you learn and understand these basics, to set yourself up for success in the future.

Managing Loans and Credit Cards    

With so many different types of loans, credit cards, and financial products out there it can be difficult to distinguish between safe options and risky ones. We strive to provide a thorough understanding of all your loan and credit options including bad credit loans, traditional loans, credit cards, and quick cash solutions.

Emergency Financial Solutions

Getting the fast cash you need during a financial emergency is not always easy. And if you have a less-than-perfect credit score, it’s even more difficult. In the CreditNinja Dojo, we focus on getting you the expert information and guidance necessary to avoid predatory lenders and find the right financial solution for you.

CreditNinja Loan Guides

loan guides

Feeling overwhelmed by all the different types of loans out there? If you’re curious about getting a new loan, but you don’t know where to begin, CreditNinja can help. Below you’ll find several informative and helpful loan guides to expand your knowledge of some common financial products. Get started today!


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The CreditNinja Financial Glossary

creditninja financial glossary

Curious about a financial term, concept, or phrase? Check out the CreditNinja Financial Glossary to learn more about common financial terms. 

Developing a better understanding of the following topics can help you to master your money:

What does it mean to Refinance?
What is a Pending Direct Deposit?
What are Direct Loans?