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The best credit-building apps give borrowers the tools they need to improve their credit and spending habits. If you have bad credit, you may be considering using one of these apps to boost your creditworthiness

Knowing your current credit score is crucial to better understand your credit position and detect the first signs of fraud or identity theft. But according to a poll of 2,000 consumers, 13% of borrowers do not know their credit score!1  

If you are looking for a tool that makes monitoring your credit easier, read about some of the best credit-building apps below. 

What Is Good Credit?

A good credit score can help you get good interest rates on online loans, improve your chances of renting a home, and much more. But what is good credit? 

There are different credit scoring models available, but most financial institutions use the FICO Score. FICO has five credit score ranges, as shown below.  

  • Poor — 300 to 579
  • Fair — 580 to 669
  • Good — 670 to 739
  • Very Good — 740 to 799
  • Excellent — 800 to 850

As you can see, a ‘good’ credit score is any score higher than 670 points. About 6 in 10 Americans have a FICO score above 700.2

Your credit score range is important because it’s a quick snapshot of your financial history. Good credit signifies that you are financially responsible and are more likely to repay a loan on time. If your score is lower than 670 points, you may find it difficult to get good rates and terms on installment loans.  

What Are Credit Building Apps? 

A credit-building app, in general, will help you improve your credit score, but the way they may go about it may be different. Here are some of the approaches you will see with credit-building apps: 

Lenders That Offer a Credit Builder Loan

Credit builder loans are exactly what they sound like; they are designed to help borrowers build their credit scores. Unlike a traditional loan, where you receive the funds upfront and pay them back, with credit builder loans, you’ll make payments and receive the funds after your final payment. 

Your payment history will be reported to the credit bureaus and, if made on time, can help you improve your credit score. Many of these lenders may have apps you can download and use to track your progress. Some of them may even have supplemental resources and information you can use to better your financial health. 

Credit Monitoring Services

A credit monitoring service can help you track your credit scores. You may also get personalized advice for ways to improve your finances. They can also be a great way to protect yourself from identity theft, as you will see any new credit inquiries and credit accounts with these right away. 

Apps From the Major Credit Bureaus

All three of the major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, have an app you can download. All three of them will allow you to check your credit reports and credit scores with the ease of your smartphone. Experian offers an additional service called Experian Boost, which can help get alternative payments like utility bills or a phone bill reported, which can help contribute to building your credit history

How Can a Credit Building App Help Me?

Now that you know a little bit more about the various approaches that the best credit-building apps take, it may be helpful to narrow down some of their major benefits. 

Here are some specific benefits of credit builder apps, some of which may have been mentioned above: 

  • Monitor Your Credit Report — All three major credit bureaus will have your credit history. Monitoring your credit reports is extremely helpful to prevent identity theft. Another important reason to check your credit report often is because mistakes and inconsistencies are common. If you don’t fix errors, your credit score can decrease. 
  • Identify Credit Strengths and Weaknesses — Credit-building apps can help you figure out some of the strengths and weaknesses of your credit history. For example, you may be able to pinpoint excessive spending habits, as you’ll be able to see what kinds of loans and balances you may have. 
  • Borrow Funds with a Poor Credit Score — As mentioned above, some credit builder loan apps are from lenders who offer credit builder loans. These loans may be one of the only options you can have if you have very little credit history or have bad credit. They can also be a great way to establish a credit history. 
  • Improve Your Credit Score — One of the best ways a credit builder app can help you is by providing you with resources and information on improving your credit scores! While an app like Experian Boost can help get alternative payments reported. From personalized suggestions to credit score simulators for specific actions such as debt payoff, these apps can help you with your credit scores. 

The Best Credit Building Apps Out There

Here are some of the best credit-building apps you can download right now:

Experian/Experian Boost 

As mentioned above, the Experian app offers Experian Boost, but it also comes with other features, such as the ability to check your Experian credit report and information on improving your credit score. The unique thing you will find with the Experian app is its marketplace, which offers a platform to shop for personalized financial products. The Experian App is free to download. 

Transunion App

The Transunion app can help users access their credit reports at any time, and it also provides alerts to borrowers if there are any changes to their credit scores. This can be extremely helpful for those who don’t keep up to date with their credit on their own. You can view your Vantage Score from all three credit bureaus through this app, and it won’t impact your credit score. The Transunion App also features the ability to purchase insurance for identity theft and offers the ability to get daily updates. They also have a tool that provides ways to improve your credit score! 

The TransUnion App is free to download, but you can purchase subscriptions and other products after downloading. 

The Equifax App

Compared to the other two credit bureau’s credit builder apps, the Equifax app has fewer features. But if you simply want to view your Equifax credit report easily and be able to lock your credit, this app will get the job done. This one is also free to download. 


Seedfi offers credit builder loan options that can be as small as $10 with no interest. With these, you simply pay back the entire amount when you get paid next, and that payment will be reported to the credit bureaus. Seedfi is free to download and use. 


Kikoff offers an instant revolving line of credit that can only be used within their platform. When you use those funds and pay them back, they will be reported to the credit bureaus. There is no interest involved with Kikoff, but there is a $5 monthly fee. 


Pave is one of the most informative credit builder apps out there. You’ll get detailed information on the factors that affect your credit score and personalized ways to get to a good credit score. Additionally, you’ll be able to log in all of your bills so you can ensure that you are making your payments on time. And finally, you’ll see that you can apply for financial products with them. 


Boom allows for renters to split their rent payments into smaller increments. These increments are then reported to the three credit bureaus and can help build a credit score! Boom can be a great way to build credit as a renter without having to take out a loan or an unsecured or secured credit card. 

Ava Credit Building

Ava is a free-to-download credit-building app. However, to use their services, you will have to pay $6 a month. Ava offers a product that allows users to make installments of $21 over 12 months into an Ava account, and all of these payments are reported to the three major credit bureaus. Once those 12 monthly payments are over, you can then access the funds from that Ava savings account. 


Altro is free to download and use. It allows users to pay for their subscription services through an Altro account (you can deposit funds from a checking account). Those payments will then be reported to the major credit bureaus! This can be a great tool for almost everyone, as most people likely already have a few subscription services that they pay for. 

Improving Credit on Your Own Without a Credit Builder Account 

You don’t have to use a credit-building app to improve your credit; there are several things you can do completely on your own. Here are some strategies you can use to help your credit score on your own: 

Make On-Time PaymentsSet up automatic payments from a bank account to ensure bills are paid on time, which is crucial for a good credit score.
Pay Off DebtFocus on reducing your debt, which improves your credit utilization ratio. Methods like the debt avalanche or snowball can be effective. Even paying more than the minimum amount each month helps.
Keep Paid Off Accounts OpenDon’t close your revolving credit accounts once they’re paid off. Keeping them open can positively impact your credit score.
Diversify Your Credit MixHaving a variety of credit accounts (like credit cards, personal loans, auto loans) can be beneficial, but manage them responsibly to avoid excessive debt.
Limit Credit InquiriesAvoid applying for new loans or credit cards frequently, as multiple hard inquiries in a short period can negatively impact your credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Credit Building Apps

What is the difference between a credit builder loan and a secured credit card?

A credit builder loan is designed to help you build credit by lending you a small amount, which you pay back over time, thereby building your credit history. A secured credit card, on the other hand, requires a cash deposit that serves as your credit limit and helps build credit as you use 
and pay off the card.

How quickly can I improve my credit score using credit builder apps?

The time it takes to improve your credit score with credit builder apps varies, but you might start seeing improvements in a few months. Consistent, responsible financial behavior is key to seeing faster results.

Do credit builder apps report to all three credit bureaus?

Most reputable credit builder apps report to all three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax), but it’s always a good idea to confirm this with the specific app you’re considering.

Can using multiple credit builder apps at once boost my credit score faster?

While using multiple apps can provide more opportunities to build credit, it’s important to manage them responsibly to avoid overextending yourself, which could negatively impact your credit score.

Is a credit-builder account different from a credit-builder loan?

A credit builder account typically refers to any account used to build credit, which can include a credit builder loan. The term is often used interchangeably, but it’s important to understand the specific product and its terms.

Are there any risks involved in using credit builder apps?

As with any financial product, there are risks, such as the potential for high fees or the temptation to borrow more than you can comfortably repay. Always read the terms carefully and choose apps from reputable providers.

How do I choose the best credit builder app for my situation?

Consider factors like fees, interest rates, whether the app reports to all three credit bureaus and additional features like financial education resources. It’s also wise to read user reviews and compare several options to find the best fit for your credit history and financial goals.

A Note From CreditNinja on the Best Credit Building Apps

The best credit builder apps make it easy for consumers to keep an eye on their financial progress and credit score. But there are alternative ways to build credit without using a credit builder app. Consumers can focus on making on-time payments, reducing their outstanding debt, and limiting the number of credit inquiries they make. 

At CreditNinja, we offer unsecured loans for people who have difficulty qualifying for traditional loans. If you have bad credit, you may still qualify with us! We consider various financial factors when making an approval decision, such as your income and credit history. 

If you have a financial question that you need answered, check out the CreditNinja online blog. We offer tips on credit building and answer all types of frequently asked questions, such as “How much money should I keep in my checking account?” 


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