Cheap holiday gifts 6 ideas to save big

Cheap Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is a time of gift-giving, which can be great to show appreciation for your loved ones, but it can also mean a thinning wallet. Finding cheap holiday gifts can mean more than just scouting sales; it’s about getting creative. 

Whether you got quick cash through an online loan, a credit card, or savings for gifts this year, purchasing inexpensive gifts can mean savings on a holiday budget! Below are ideas to save big with affordable holiday gifts.

Cheap Holiday Gifts Ideas — #1 Doing it Yourself

One way to save on holiday gifts is to get crafty. Making your own gifts can be a great way to add personalization to your presents and save money. Here are some homemade gift ideas: 

  • Art pieces
  • Photo albums and collages 
  • Framed, decorated, or scrapbooked mementos
  • Create a gift basket of favorites. A gift basket can be highly versatile and inexpensive. For example, for a coffee lover, buy a coffee mug and their favorite coffee flavors, and then wrap them into a lovely little basket.
  • Consider gifting a coupon book with personalized coupons that are redeemable throughout the year for chores or favorite activities. 
  • Knit socks, scarves, and other cozy handmade clothing for everyday wear
  • Create decoration items such as silk pillowcases, throws, vases, etc. 
  • Cook, bake, or create mixes for soup and favorite drinks. For example, hot chocolate mixes and Christmas cookies.
  • Hand cream, soaps, body scrubs, and other fun toiletries

These are just a few homemade present ideas that are inexpensive and make the perfect gift for the holiday season. If you are crafty or artistic, your possibilities are endless! If you aren’t someone who crafts or creates, check online tutorials, and consider paid commissions to keep holiday gift-making simple. 

Inexpensive Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas — #2 Gifting an Experience

When thinking of holiday gift ideas for a family member or friend, you may only be thinking about tangible gift ideas. However, doing something and spending time with your loved ones can be the perfect gift that is cheap and meaningful. 

Here are some ideas that work well when planning to gift an experience: 

  • A visit to a favorite nature spot 
  • Having a movie night or binge-watch a favorite tv show
  • Setting aside a day for art and crafts 
  • Cooking your loved one’s favorite meal together 
  • Have fun in the snow (kids especially love this simple gift idea. If it is too cold, come up with some fun holiday activities while stuck inside. 
  • Admiring a meaningful neighborhood’s Christmas lights 
  • Spend time decorating with them for Christmas and the holidays 
  • Create a spa or self-care day for someone

Idea #3 — Stick to Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Bundles for Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are still looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts or holiday presents, stocking stuffers and holiday bundles are an excellent place to start. 

Generally, stocking stuffers will be under $15. Around the holiday season, Christmas stocking stuffers are readily available in most retail stores, your local grocery store, and niche independent stores. 

Holiday bundles (trail-sized/mini gifts bundled together for Christmas gifts) are another cheap purchase to consider. Usually, these holiday bundles will range from $10-$25, making them a good option for cheap Christmas or holiday gifts. 

Gift Idea #5— Subscription Services for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts or Gifts for the Holidays

Subscriptions can be great inexpensive Christmas gifts. They can range approximately between $5-$50 and are available for a variety of interests. These services can be available with a minimum subscription length which can be your budget-friendly gift, so you can avoid the usual mistakes made when budgeting

They can be a great way to introduce a service to someone in your life, that would benefit or enjoy an introduction to a subscription service. Here are a few types of subscription services that are perfect gift ideas for an inexpensive Christmas and holiday season: 

TV Networks and Television/Movie Streaming Services

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus are just a few examples of the different types of tv subscriptions to cater to people’s likes. 

Food and Cooking Subscriptions 

Food and cooking subscriptions can be one of the best gift ideas for someone who enjoys cooking, wants to learn to cook, or is trying to change their lifestyle in the new year. Home chef, Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Sun basket are a few examples of food subscription services that can be a great gift.

There are also subscription boxes that bring together big fan favorites of specific food items. Hot sauce flavors for those who love heat, desserts for a sweet tooth, snacks from across the world for an adventurer are all available as subscription services. 

Pet Food and Pet Toys

Know a pet owner who loves buying treats and toys for their pets? A subscription from these providers could be an excellent gift for a friend or family member. 

Music Subscriptions

An Apple Music or Spotify subscription could be a great gift for any kids and adults in your life. 

Clothing, Accessories, and Cosmetics

Nordstrom’s Trunk Club and Stitch Fix are just two examples of curated clothing subscription services. 

Gardening Subscription Boxes

Know plant parents looking to expand on or improve their garden or gardening skills? A subscription service to boxes such as The Sill and Succulent Studios are just a few examples of gift ideas. 

The unique thing about subscription boxes and services is that they can supplement a friend’s or family member’s gift. For example, if you know a person is getting a new pet for Christmas / the holidays, buying a pet-related subscription could be the perfect cheap gift. 

Keep in mind the length of subscription that you are gifting, as your gift recipient will have to continue their plan after the initial subscription period. 

Gift Idea #6 — Passing on your Gently Used Items 

Sometimes the ideal gift for a loved one may be something that you already have, that you have not used, or have used gently. Family heirlooms, vinyl records, something you’ve created and maintained over years, antique items, and jewelry can make cheap Christmas gifts. 

You won’t have to buy anything new, while also giving a great gift for someone in your life. 

Taking Care of Your Christmas List While Buying Budget-Friendly Gifts 

Your holiday season may involve scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone special in your life. The good news is that there are cheap gifts to make it an inexpensive Christmas and holiday season. 

Thoughtful Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive, and even a small gift can make a great gift for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. The best cheap Christmas gifts are personalized or meaningful for friends and family. 

Cheap holiday gifts can mean making something yourself, providing an experience, introducing something new, or passing on a meaningful item you own. These gift ideas can all be the perfect way to show someone in your life that they are important to you while maintaining great financial habits. 

If you’re interested in more holiday tips, check out our blog on holiday credit cards and whether they’re worth it!

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