The most high demand jobs in the next 10 years

By Nooreen B
Modified on April 24, 2023
high demand jobs in the next 10 years

A large part of job planning is thinking about the future, making your money work for you and becoming financially stable. Understanding the most high-demand jobs in the next 10 years is essential for figuring out possibilities and staying on top of in-demand skill sets.

Whatever your dream job is, it will be helpful to know about job growth and industries expected to do well in the next decade.

The Most High Demand Jobs in the Next 10 Years by Occupation

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following jobs will be the highest in demand from 2020 to 2030 (in order from highest in demand to the lowest) :

1) Wind Turbine Service Technicians

The country is seeing rapid growth towards renewable energy. So, it is not too surprising that one of the most in-demand jobs in the next 10 years is for wind turbine service technicians. This career will see a 68% increase in employment over the next decade, the highest percentage of in-demand jobs. A wind turbine service technician helps install, provide maintenance, and perform repairs on wind turbines. This job is usually done at high altitudes, outside, and is usually a full-time job.

A technical school can provide prospective technicians with the training they need to get into the field. An associate degree may also be necessary. On-the-job experience and training are another huge part of a wind turbine technician’s education. Expect an average of 1,400 available in the job market each year in the next decade for this occupation. The average pay for 2020 was $56,230 a year.

3) Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives are advanced practice registered nurses and have received additional training from an RN. Projected growth is about 45-52.2% in the next 10 years, and for each year, an estimate of 29,400 openings. Nurse practitioners will have to have completed a Master’s degree program, and have licenses in their state, and pass a national certification exam. In 2020 the median annual salary for this profession was $117,670.

4) Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Another career with renewable energy systems that will see job growth is solar photovoltaic installers. There will be about a 52% increase in the demand for this job, with 2,300 openings each year. Solar photovoltaic installers work on, install/set up, and maintain solar panel systems of various kinds. To do this job, you need a high school diploma and some college or specified training. Like wind turbine techs, solar photovoltaic installers will work outside, in high altitudes, and sometimes in small spaces. The median annual salary for this job is $46,470.

6) Occupational Therapy Assistants

Occupational therapy assistants help their patients recover skills needed for daily living and working. The job outlook is positive, expected to grow 34%, with 8,800 new job openings each year throughout the next 10 years. Occupational therapy assistants need to have a high school diploma and receive the proper on-job training to learn different physical therapy practices. They work in a hospital setting or private medical offices, private clinics, and other occupational therapy settings.

7) Statisticians and Mathematicians

Mathematicians and statisticians analyze data to solve problems. The projected growth rate for these careers is 33% over the next ten years, with about 5,200 openings each year until 2030. To become a statistician or mathematician, you must have at least a master’s degree. Once working, the median salary is about $93,290 a year, usually working for the government, scientific research companies, and in development fields.

7) Physicals Therapist Assistants/ Physical Therapist Aides

Physical therapy services are another field expected to see a good amount of growth. As the name suggests, physical therapist assistants aid physical therapists in treating their patients. Growth for physical therapist assistants’ jobs will go up by 32%, with a total of 44,900 new job openings in the next decade.

On top of a high school diploma, physical therapist assistants will need to have at least an associate degree along with licensure to practice. They work closely with physical therapists in hospitals or private physical therapy offices, and the median pay is $49,970 a year.

8) Information Security Analysts

Data and information security is a massive priority for major businesses and services. To keep up with sophisticated practices that hackers use, companies have to go beyond basic security— and that is where an information security analyst comes in. Information security analysts are prevention specialists who analyze, plan and set up the proper security measures to protect data and information systems. These analysts work for software companies, computer companies, consulting firms, and various businesses. Most information security analysts have just a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with some on-job experience.

Expected Job growth is 33% over the next decade, with an average of 16,300 job openings each year. The median annual wage for information security analysts is $103,590 a year. 

9) Home Health Care and Personal Care Aides

Home health care aids and personal care aids are medical professionals who provide healthcare services in need of in-home care. Usually, the aging population and people with disabilities will need to hire aides. As the second baby boomer generation ages into their seventies over the next decade, it is not surprising that this will be an in-demand job and see rapid growth. Projected growth for these healthcare professionals is 32% over the next 10 years. Home health care aides can expect a median annual salary of $104,280.

10) Medical and Health Services Managers

Medical and health service managers are essentially financial managers and provide professional financial advice to places that provide healthcare services. They help with planning a variety of processes. For example, creating work schedules, monitoring capacity and use, and taking care of things like billing.

These places include hospitals, nursing homes, and private medical practices. Job growth will see an increase of 32% over the next 10 years, with 51,800 new jobs each year— good news for job seekers who are providing these services. This career requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, while an advanced degree could mean more money. The median annual income is about $104,280.

11) Data Scientists and Mathematical Science Occupations 

Data scientists find patterns by analyzing tests, creating algorithms to predict outcomes, and deploying data tools. They can work for all kinds of business, making this an extremely versatile job. Expected growth is 31% in the next decade. Necessary education includes a Bachelor’s degree, along with relevant skills such as programming languages, machine learning, communication, and big data. The median annual income is $117,212.

12) A Physician Assistant 

A physician assistant helps other medical professionals (doctors, nurse practitioners, etc.). They perform physical exams, administer medication, and assess treatment progress on a fundamental level. They are essentially the first check-in point before a patient speaks to physicians or nurse practitioners. Job growth will increase 31% over the next 10 year, with an average of 12,200 openings each year. Physician assistants need to have a master’s degree and licensure.

Other Industries To Pay Attention to for Job Growth

In addition to the job titles mentioned above, it will be worthwhile to touch on other industries that haven’t made the list above. Below are a few industries other than energy, the medical field/medical sciences, and IT that the U.S Department of Labor and Statistics projects to see growth in the next 10 years:

  • Restaurant Workers and hospitality
  • Film and video editors
  • Talent Agents
  • Performing Arts – Makeup artists, theatrical performers
  • Athletes

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics is constantly researching job trends. Although the bureau projects job growth for these various industries to stay positive for the next decade, things can change. Follow their publications to keep updated on current stats and data for future jobs.

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