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Compared to many other subprime loan options, CreditNinja’s rates are competitive. 

More than one-third of Americans are considered subprime borrowers.1 Which means they likely have to turn to flexible online lenders like CreditNinja.

At this point, You may be curious as to why subprime loans cost more than good credit loans. Well, that occurs because of the risk that the lender is taking. 

Poor credit scores show that a borrower will likely miss payments or even default. To protect themselves from that risk, lenders have to bring up the APRs (the total cost) of their loans. The convenient thing about CreditNinja is that borrowers can repay their loans early without any penalties, which can mean saving on those protective costs! 

While more expensive than good credit loans, subprime loans make it possible for poor credit borrowers to get access to emergency cash when they need it. Here are some qualities of bad credit loans you will likely find:

  • Usually short-term 
  • Loan amounts range between a few hundred to only a few thousand 
  • High interest rates and APRs
  • A split of secured and unsecured loans 

And here are some examples of specific subprime loans:

Lastly, we’ll go over some of the different ways that you can save if you do have to borrow funds with a bad credit score:

Repay your loan earlyPaying off your loan before the term ends can save you money on interest, potentially reducing the overall cost of borrowing.
Get a cosignerHaving someone with better credit cosign your loan can improve your approval chances and help you secure a lower interest rate.
Add a down payment if allowedProviding a down payment can decrease the amount you need to borrow, leading to lower interest payments and potentially better loan terms.
Compare your loan optionsShopping around and comparing different loan offers can help you find the best rates and terms available to you, despite having bad credit.

At CreditNinja, we want you to be informed about any financial decision you make, which is why we are transparent about our own borrowing options. We also have researched other lenders and loans and compiled easy-to-read and informative articles on them. All of which you can find on our blog! 


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Quick And Easy Personal Loans Up To $2500*